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Getstuff4free Kyle

06-07-2007 02:09:58

The GS4F server migration has begun. )

The nameservers should be changed tomorrow. I disabled a couple pages tonight though while not many people are using the site so that I won't have to worry about missing credits or accounts. Expect a bit of time for the transfer to be complete, but once it's done, I have some new plans in store for GS4F that will make us the top freebie site around (or at least that's the plan). )

Getstuff4free Kyle

06-07-2007 18:21:53

Due to unexpected delays, the move has been postponed until Monday. I have re-enabled the sites I disabled and you should be able to continue to use the sites and get refs over the weekend. I will take the site down again either late Sunday or early Monday. No data will be lost, so just make sure your refs know what's going on so they don't get worried (and if you're getting your trades from the forums, it shouldn't be a problem). The new DNS should start being propagated Monday and hopefully will not take very long.

Getstuff4free Kyle

09-07-2007 17:21:54

OK, NOW the sites are down and are moving for good. When we come back (hopefully within less than 24 hours, but it all depends on how long it takes the DNS to propagate), we'll have new sites, lower ref requirements for the PS3 (and maybe the Xbox360 if those rumors are true) and hopefully a couple other surprises within the next couple weeks.


10-07-2007 12:28:02

I have had people waiting to do your site, and I need to get it done, are you going to have it back up soon? I promote your site quite regularly. I would like to get back to business...I have lost a few people due to the issues here, and i really like your site..Thanks!!!

Ray K

Getstuff4free Kyle

10-07-2007 12:36:03

We're just waiting on the new DNS to propagate.


11-07-2007 21:37:00

Any new updates?

Getstuff4free Kyle

11-07-2007 22:12:01

[quote43eddacebe="patrick_7412"]Any new updates?[/quote43eddacebe]

Same as before. Still waiting on the DNS propagation.

It's supposed to take 24-72 hours and tomorrow in the late afternoon/early evening it will be 72 hours, so hopefully it will be done by then. And hopefully everything will be working ok. I was trying to check it now with the temporary URL, but it's not working, but I think that's because of the FSR license, which is expecting to see, but is seeing an IP address instead. So if everything goes according to plan tomorrow, all I need to do is make sure the subdomains are pointing correctly and everything will be fine.