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Getstuff4free Kyle

17-06-2007 12:13:49

First off, I would like to state that after more thought, GS4F does not agree with some of the quick reactions and paranoia that have been made in recent days. That should not be taken as an attack on any of my colleagues. I get along just fine with most other site owners, but that doesn't mean I agree with them. I do not think the freebie industry is going away anytime soon and I'm very frustrated with the paranoia that some have expressed.

However, that does not change the fact that there is a massive amount of fraud in this industry and steps do need to be taken to prevent it. In light of that, there will be some changes made to GS4F policies. It is our goal to strike a balance between keeping the customer happy and deterring fraud.

Please keep in mind that all of the following policies are subject to change. If any uniform policies are required by either our advertisers or one of the forums we provide support in, we will change our policies to suit them (within reason, of course).

Payouts - Payouts have been temporarily suspended until final revokes and payments are made by the publishers. We expect this to be done possibly as early as the 20th, definitely no later than the 30th. Until that time, we can not make payments, as we do not know which offers are even going to still be credited to user's accounts. Once payouts resume, we will most likely begin paying after a 2-week approval time. I know many users appreciate our quick payments and they are not necessarily gone for good, but for now we are planning on 2-weeks. As with anything, during this unpredictable time, that could change, but we expect 2 weeks to be the norm. It is of course not a guarantee. If we need to do further research into possible fraud (either from you or one of your refs), it can take longer. But that was already the case before, so nothing has changed in that respect. Unfortunately, the cash site will have to be switched to the 30th of the month (hopefully temporarily) instead of the 15th.

Age requirements on the site - GS4F has always had a minimum age of 18 on our sites. However, it was not enforced as well as it should have been. Because most of the offers do not want minors signed up for them (who usually aren't using valid credit cards), that will change. However, the official rule is now that you must be 18 to complete an offer. If you are under 18, you may still sign up and get an extra ref in place of your offer credit. This rule will be enforced.

NO MORE FREE GREENS! The only exception to this will be for those who get an extra ref in place of a green.

If you complete the site, you will NOT need to do another offer to complete the same site a second time. If I haven't marked your offer completions as "unused" just open a support ticket and let me know. (This one has nothing to do with the fraud situation, it's something we've been planning on making official for a while now.)

We will still be offering paypal for now. If this changes, we will give an advance notice, but I'm not particularly planning on it changing as it is a very popular gift for our users. If it does change, we will still send cash prizes, it will just be in the form of a money order/cashier's check rather than paypal.

IDs/Phone Verification - We have [i44417444cb]already[/i44417444cb] been doing this for suspicious orders. Most of you haven't experienced this because you've had no reason to. I have not once talked to anyone over the phone that has even heard of GS4F, so I know I've never talked to any of you. I have only received a handful of I.D.s from users so most of you have never experienced that either. This means that the majority of people that we have done this for were fraudulent users. This is because we have other means of fraud detection that are employed with I.D.s or phone verifications as a last resort and/or verification of our suspicions. We will continue to work in this way and think that requiring these things for all users is overkill. Due to the recent increase in fraud, we will be cracking down on fraud moreso than before and being very stringent with our approvals. If you are a legitimate user using valid information, you have nothing to fear. Your odds of being tagged for ID or phone verification are slim and if it happens, as long as your info is valid, you have nothing to worry about.

Credit Requests We have no control over this. Credit requests will no longer be accepted. However, let's be honest here. Such a small amount of the manual credit requests have been approved lately, that it really isn't very different. If you do an offer, and wait three business days and still have not received credit for it and then do another offer to take its place, and then the first credit comes through, you may transfer one of the offers to any other GS4F site (including the cash site). But you must wait three business days before doing another offer to take its place.

While on the topic of credits, please bear with our offer page over the next few days. There will be a lot of offers disappearing and as a result, there will be a lot of dead offers and redirects. We appreciate all of our users who report dead offers and would like to remind everyone that if an offer redirects to another offer, you will not get credit for the offer that it redirected to. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Trading sites/Cash for refs We will not control what you can and can not do to get refs (provided of course that it's legal and you are not frauding someone), but we strongly urge all of our users who are paying for refs to pay upon approval. If you absolutely must pay upon green, you may open a support ticket asking me to check on a ref. Please note that if you go through that method that (1) it may take a couple days to get the verification and (2) this is NOT a guarantee that the person will stay green.

In short, we continue to strive to provide you the best service possible regardless of any changes that are taking place in the freebie world. We think that the freebie industry will continue to grow and we would like to welcome everyone who has tried our sites to continue with them and for those of them who have never completed one of our sites, we welcome you to give us a try. We hope you won't be disappointed. )


17-06-2007 15:26:37

Thanks for the info Kyle!



Getstuff4free Kyle

17-06-2007 18:28:38

You're welcome.


17-06-2007 23:46:26

Wow. Amazing post, covered it all. WTG Kyle D