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27-04-2007 19:44:13

i just sent in for ps3.getstuff4free and said 5-10 days or buss. day something like that, after approvel how long does it take to get paided, i have never did 1 of thise sites. does it take long for approvel and to get paid?


27-04-2007 22:07:01

Usually takes that long unless his doing them quicker.


28-04-2007 07:32:48

Approval takes 1-2 days now. Payment is...I don't know. Usually within 5 days.


28-04-2007 13:48:53

thanks, i have talked to him on aim, but had never asked about this, seems very nice thuogh

Getstuff4free Kyle

29-04-2007 13:33:44

You've been paid )

It was fairly late last night and I don't remember what time zone you were in so it may have been pretty late for you (I'm Pacific time). I've got a couple more pending orders from Friday that should be going out today (assuming verification of course). I don't know if they belong to people from Fipg or not (I can't always match emails with usernames). They would have already been taken care of by now, but I had some computer problems and I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday.