Weeding out bad offers

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Getstuff4free Kyle

22-03-2007 20:31:50

Last night I went through and weeded out a bunch of broken links and some problem offers.

So I log in today - NO CREDIT REQUESTS )

So I get all excited and decide to post to brag and encourage more people to sign up.

And then I get my first credit request of the day ;)

Still, only one in about a 24-hour period is pretty good. And the one request was for an offer that usually credits good and isn't going away, so it's just one of those things that happens every now and then I guess.

V-Bux Dave

23-03-2007 04:15:15

Kudos to you Kyle.

I just want to say I've been very pleased with my crediting experience on the two GetStuff4Free sites I'm on. Most of my offers have credited instantly, and the one that didn't, you responded within a few days. Unlike some other (nameless) networks who just repeat endlessly "Crediting is out of our hands" when you pressure them to attend to manual credit requests after weeks and weeks.

Keep it up!