Hot new offer - WOW!

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Getstuff4free Kyle

19-03-2007 23:08:26

Forexyard is a site where you can trade on the stock market. The site requires a $100+ deposit, but you have three choices.

1. You can complete the offer on a referral site and get $100 back covering your start up costs (plus credit for the site of course, see site for details).

2. You can do the offer on the cash site for $226.

3. You can tell me to keep the money and put it toward my World Domination fund.

And I just put this offer up now, so I have no idea how well it credits, but trust me - I will pursue manual credits for this site with a passion unheard of if they become necessary (which they hopefully won't be).


20-03-2007 07:59:50

can we do the offer if we're reffered or unreffered?

Getstuff4free Kyle

20-03-2007 08:06:10

[quote3ae2bebfd2="condra"]can we do the offer if we're reffered or unreffered?[/quote3ae2bebfd2]

Makes no difference.

You can also use it as 2 credits on the macbook site and still get the $100 back.

V-Bux Dave

23-03-2007 04:11:28


Did you realize that this site can not open accounts for US citizens. Their Ts&Cs contains this paragraph under "Membership Eligibility"

[quotedd43e4c98a]FOREXYARD is not currently authorized to open active accounts for US citizens.[/quotedd43e4c98a]

You should really have a note on the offers page. I almost committed to do the macnotebook site based on planning to do this offer!