MEGA July Promotions at Ultimate Freebies!

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04-07-2007 21:52:49

[bb133392847][ub133392847]Ultimate Freebies MEGA July Promotion[/bb133392847][/ub133392847]

It’s mid-summer and it’s heating up over at the Ultimate Freebies Network! Since our promotion for our new Phones site did not go as well as we planned, we decided to offer a MEGA promotion that you can’t refuse!

First things first Since we did not have enough orders come in for the Phones site, our promotion for that site has ended. What has ended, however, is just a new beginning. Why? Well, here is our next promotion that will blow your mind

Part 1 – [bb133392847]Free GREENS[/bb133392847][/colorb133392847] on [bb133392847][ib133392847]ANY[/bb133392847][/ib133392847] Ultimate Freebies Network site! To qualify, you will need to sign up [bb133392847]un-referred[/bb133392847]. This is your only chance to grab a free green at [bb133392847][ib133392847]ANY[/bb133392847][/ib133392847] site in our network, incase you missed the previous free green promotions in the past. Just submit a support ticket with the subject header “Free Green”. This [bb133392847]Free GREEN[/bb133392847][/colorb133392847] promotion will run [ib133392847]until July 25th![/ib133392847]

Part 2 – Submit a proof picture on this trading forum and earn a [bb133392847]$10[/bb133392847] bonus! That’s [bb133392847]$10[/bb133392847] just for submitting proof! If you ask me, that is the easiest [bb133392847]$10[/bb133392847] you could ever earn! [ib133392847]This will be promoted over 3 forums. Only one submission is allowed total. Submitting to all 3 forums still nets you $10.[/ib133392847] To qualify, just submit an order by [ib133392847]July 25th[/ib133392847]. Please submit a support ticket with “Proof Picture Contest” as the header. We will pay the [bb133392847]$10[/bb133392847] bonus [ib133392847]AFTER[/ib133392847] you cash-out and post the proof picture. How simple this that?!

We will also be adding some great offers up tonight, as well as some other updates. Let us know what suggestions/comments you have. We appreciate anything we hear from our users.

We know you have several networks to choose from, but I just want to thank all the people out there who have tried our network, those working on our network, and those who continue to come back!

Owner, Ultimate Freebies