Ultimate Freebies - Site Changes regarding policies and more

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15-06-2007 09:00:35

Unfortunately, due to the incredible masses of fraud that have consumed the entire freebie industry, we have made some changes in regards to payouts and manual credit requests. For the honest users, we apologize for the sudden notice, but due to more people frauding the system than using it honestly, we have to make the following changes

[b25eda52069]Manual Credit Requests will NOT be accepted[/b25eda52069] - Unfortunately, many people were submitting fake credit requests, or old requests to new sites. They would click an offer so it looked as if they may have "completed" the offer, and would alter the credit request to make it seem legitimate. ALL OF OUR AFFILIATES DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT REQUESTS! [i25eda52069]If you submit a request, it will be denied. Also, any "pending" requests will be denied unfortunately.[/i25eda52069]

[b25eda52069]Payment for this Month will be delayed a couple days[/b25eda52069] - Again, we apologize for the delay, but our affiliates suggest that we hold payments for a few days to verify all offers and give them time to figure out reversals. We are looking to payout orders for this month no later than June 25th!

[b25eda52069]PayPal Payment Changes[/b25eda52069] - First time users will need to submit an ID to cashout via PayPal. All users MUST BE VERIFIED! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you've received PayPal from us before, and you are obviously a verteran user in the freebie world (which we know what users from here are legitimate), you will not need to submit ID.

[b25eda52069]FRAUD WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, PERIOD[/b25eda52069] - We will be working on several verification processes to cut down the amount of fraud that we have seen in the recent months. Many affiliate networks are pulling incentive offers due to all of the fake info, stolen credit cards, and cancelation of offers. What does that mean? Less and less offers for you guys to tryout, or possibly worse, the freebie industry going down entirely.

Please be informed this will not be the last post, and please keep close attention to this post and our main page at www.ultimatefreebies.org[=http//www.ultimatefreebies.org]www.ultimatefreebies.org, as we will continue to update news and changes accordingly. We will be working on updating all sites and our main page during the weekend to keep you all informed.

Again, I know there are many honest users out there, but once too many people abuse a good thing, it starts to go away. Help us all in the fight against fraud. After all, we are here for you, the users. If you don't want to see this industry fall, do anything you can do to stop fraud. Heck, you may even feel free to post suggestions here. We hope to see this bounce back, so please be patient and understand why we need to make the changes.


Owner, Ultimate Freebies