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24-05-2007 10:12:54

[ueb8f4e101f][beb8f4e101f]Ultimate Freebies Launches New Promotion Site[/beb8f4e101f][/ueb8f4e101f][/coloreb8f4e101f]

Hey everyone,

We here at Ultimate Freebies decided that we wanted to run a promotion, but not just your ordinary promotion that most users see consistently. We decided to launch a site dedicated to promotions entirely Promo @ Ultimate Freebies[=http//]Promo @ Ultimate Freebies!

At our new promo site, users will get the chance to win our monthly prize, which changes each month! Win anything from iPod products (Shuffles, Nanos, Video), LCD Monitors, DVD's, and cold hard cash!

[beb8f4e101f]Here is how the site works[/beb8f4e101f]

- Users sign-up at http//[]http//
- Complete (1) No CC offer. This is your entry in the drawing for the product of the month.
- To earn more entries, users can refer other people by using their ref link. Only referred users who are GREEN[/coloreb8f4e101f] will count towards earned entries. The more you refer who complete their offer, the better your chance of winning!
- Due to the nature of the site, credit requests are not accepted.
- Fraud monitoring will still be in place. Should you complete an offer multiple times, your promo account will be put on hold. We want to create a fair environment for all users.
- At the end of the month, all users entries will be placed into a hat and (1) will be drawn. A video recording will also be taped to show the results.

[beb8f4e101f]What are the benefits of this site?[/beb8f4e101f]

- There is no cost to you! All offers are strictly no credit card offers. Worst case scenario, you are out 5 minutes of your time, but may still find an offer that suites you, so it makes it worth your while.
- The more people you refer who complete their requirements, the better chance you have of winning!
- Win great prizes, and re-enter every month by simply completing another offer.

To kick off our June Promotion, we are offering the chance to win this

http//[" alt=""/imgeb8f4e101f]
[beb8f4e101f]Apple 1GB iPod Shuffle (Any Color)[/beb8f4e101f]

[beb8f4e101f]What are you waiting for? Get started on this great promotion today![/beb8f4e101f]