Ultimate Freebies hits $11,000+ shipped!

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19-05-2007 00:20:39

Hey all,

We just wanted to announce that we recently just went over the 10K mark for prizes shipped out since our launch on Feb. 19th of this year! We have now shipped out over $11,000+ worth of cash and prizes!

We know this may not be as much as the big dogs out there, but from how small we began to the progress we've made, we consider this a success!

Congrats to all who have earned cash and/or prizes from us! Keep up the good work )


20-05-2007 08:51:19

Is there going to be any change in the payout schedule?


20-05-2007 21:40:43

[quoteb54df93c3b="psbread"]Is there going to be any change in the payout schedule?[/quoteb54df93c3b]

Currently, our payout schedule will remain the same. We do not have any plans to change it at this time.