New CASH site! Launched Today, 4/18/07! *FREE GREEN*

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18-04-2007 07:55:59

By popular demand, Ultimate Freebies is proud to announce the release of our latest site, [b4f4ba5a79b]Cash @ Ultimate Freebies[=http//]Cash @ Ultimate Freebies[/b4f4ba5a79b]! Now, you can get cold hard cash! Get [b4f4ba5a79b]$100, $250, $400, $520[/b4f4ba5a79b], and even [b4f4ba5a79b]$599[/b4f4ba5a79b]!

To celebrate the release of this great new site, from now until Sunday, April 22nd, users may sign-up [b4f4ba5a79b]un-referred[/b4f4ba5a79b] and submit a support ticket requesting a Free [b4f4ba5a79b]GREEN[/color4f4ba5a79b][/b4f4ba5a79b]!

Also, we have updated our offer base, and now have over [b4f4ba5a79b]110 offers[/b4f4ba5a79b]! Previously, we were down to a little over 60. We are adding more offers later tonight as well, which will bring that number above even higher!

Thanks to everyone who has given us a shot over here at Ultimate Freebies! Although we are still small, we have grown a lot over the past two months, and we want to thank all of you out there for making that possible!


23-04-2007 21:22:56

Our free green promotion is now over. Thanks to all who participated!