*UPDATES* - Multiple Orders now allowed and More!

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01-04-2007 17:58:05

We would like to announce a couple big updates that I feel you guys out there would love to hear

- We now allow [b208f36478d]MULTIPLE ORDERS[/b208f36478d] on [b208f36478d]ALL sites[/b208f36478d]! That's right, multiple orders! In order to do the site again, you would just need to obtain new referrals and complete your offer requirements again (however, you may always obtain an extra ref as well!). The only rule is anything earned from us over $600 in a calendar year will require a W9.

- We recently added a $520 PayPal option at 13 ref's and $599 PayPal option at 15 ref's for those whose motto is "Go big or go home!"

- We also added a [b208f36478d]CUSTOM ORDER[/b208f36478d] option on all of our referral sites! We'll get you anything you want, as long as it is under $600. Just submit a support ticket asking how many ref's a certain gift would be and supply a link so we can get that gift for you!

We hope you guys enjoy the updates ) As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions, and thanks for choosing Ultimate Freebies!


02-04-2007 16:00:36

Veeerry Nice 8)


02-04-2007 16:05:54


hey, the next payouts when are they ? the 15th or the 20th?


02-04-2007 20:48:49


hey, the next payouts when are they ? the 15th or the 20th?[/quote5cb5e13faf]

They are the 20th. However, we normally refer to these payouts as the latest possible date. This month, it looks as through we will have payouts go out a little earlier )

It gives our users that "element of surprise!"