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28-02-2007 17:35:45

http//i30.photobucket.com/albums/c339/trippmarxx/UFPromoDrawing.jpg[" alt=""/img33c3cf6282]

Congratulations to Winning user id numbers 28, 30, & 11!

1st Place #28 - $75 PayPal
2nd Place #30 - $50 PayPal
3rd Place #11 - $25 PayPal

I tried to video tape this, but I do not have a camera at hand. I used a random number generator known as Lotsalotto. I input the 3 numbers to be drawn, from 1-50 (user id's on the site). This is a screenshot of the numbers drawn. This promotion was done here and at A4F as well.

[b33c3cf6282]WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU[/b33c3cf6282]

The numbers shown are your Ultimate Freebies user id's. Your user id number is at the end of your referral link that is shown when you login to you account. If you have a winning ID number, you have until March. 14th to claim your prize, which will be paid to you on Mar. 20th during our first payout! Please open a support ticket claiming your prize, along with your PayPal e-mail address. You may also PM me as well to notify my, but I would appreciate a support ticket, just so I can keep track of things )

Thanks to all who participated, and the next drawing (which will be when we expand our network in a couple months ;)), we will make sure we have a camera to tape the drawing! Lookout for more promotions and raffles in the future, as well as the expansion of Ultimate Freebies! It has been only 9 days since we launched, and we have had quite a take off, so to help us out, if your a winner, please post proof pics of payment in the "Brag Bag" section of this forum!


28-02-2007 21:18:13

I won 3rd! )


01-03-2007 08:22:10

[quote32bf28f6d4="BD2006BD"]I won 3rd! )[/quote32bf28f6d4]

Congratulations! I have your PayPal e-mail you submitted, so lookout for your prize on Mar. 20th!