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19-02-2007 10:46:10

Visit us here www.ultimatefreebies.org[]www.ultimatefreebies.org

- We have three sites currently in our network Gifts, Watches, and Points. Gifts and Watches are referral-based sites that payout $40 per ref! Points is a points based site which each point is equivalent to $1.

- We are NOT your average fly-by-night freebie site!

- We ARE dedicated to making this the best experience for our users!

- We currently have over 130 great offers, with that number growing daily! Our featured offers right now are Video Professor, Blockbuster Online, and HostGator!

- We also have free, many $1.00, and other cheap offers! Also, most offers have instant credit!

- Payout per ref averages $40!

- With any prize being shipped, users will get a tracking number (unless PayPal payment). I've actually seen some sites that won't give out tracking numbers....That's a no-no here! You will KNOW where YOUR package is! Also, if ordering a custom gift card or custom order, please submit a support ticket with your order so we know what you want.

- Already completed too many offers? Open a support ticket, and in most cases, we will let you obtain an extra referral

- Payouts are on the 5th and 20th of each month. To get your order on the 5th, you need to submit by the 20th. To get your order by the 20th, you need to submit by the 5th.

- We WILL strive to provide the BEST service to our users possible. We will answer support tickets in 24 hours or less, and approve orders in 3 business days, or less.

- We have full AIM support FreebiesUltimate available from 5PM-1AM CST.

To get the site reputation built up, we ask users who receive any payments/prizes to send in proof pics to email==proof@ultimatefreebies.orgproof@ultimatefreebies.org=proof@ultimatefreebies.orgproof@ultimatefreebies.org/email. Your not obligated to, but we'd sure like it if ya did


19-02-2007 15:59:31

Also, those looking to order to make payout, please order on or before Feb. 28th @ 1159 PM CST. This will qualify you for payout on Mar. 20th.

We are trying to establish some back up funds to get gifts out earlier, but at the moment, we are still looking at Mar. 20th as our first payout. When we start expanding and get more users, payouts will be more frequent.

Thanks )


09-03-2007 20:33:55

Any update on set payout days? Also order cut offs for payouts?



09-03-2007 23:27:38

[quotef2cd9bfd49="rooster"]Any update on set payout days? Also order cut offs for payouts?


Payouts are currently on the 20th of every month.

To be eligible, you need to submit your order before the last day of the previous month.

We hope to be increasing the frequency within the next coming month or so....

Hope this helps )


15-03-2007 18:51:25

I'm having trouble getting into the site today. Is there a problem?


15-03-2007 20:47:32

[quote6beb464d03="mrwsrw"]I'm having trouble getting into the site today. Is there a problem?[/quote6beb464d03]

We are updating and adding TWO NEW SITES! Also, we are adding a new landing page to connect the network...

Things might be screwy for another day or two, however, the site that was at ultimatefreebies.org has now turned into http//gifts.ultimatefreebies.org[]http//gifts.ultimatefreebies.org. You may click that link to use your account.

Also, you all will have a new ref link on that site. It will be gifts.ultimatefreebies.org/ref=?, instead of ultimatefreebies.org/ref=?

MAKE SURE you change that....

Sorry about the downtime, but the site is up and working fine through that link...Just trying to make some stuff work better for our users! )


17-04-2007 19:43:23

you think payments will change this month?


18-04-2007 06:34:06

[quote6cf5c1924b="thikidflyss"]you think payments will change this month?[/quote6cf5c1924b]

We updated the payment schedule in the main post above. That should help )