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01-07-2009 14:27:49

http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/images/a4fbanner.jpg[" alt=""/imgaa1ffcfc8d][=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com][img="aa1ffcfc8d]http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/images/a4fbanner.jpg[" alt=""/imgaa1ffcfc8d][/url]
[size=16aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d]Hello FreeIpodGuide,[/baa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]
Oh where to start?...! OrderGiftsFree opened in December of 2006. We closed temporarily during the start of 2009 and have finally reopened. Since our start we've shipped out over [color=#006400aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d]$500,000 in cash and prizes[/baa1ffcfc8d][/coloraa1ffcfc8d]. We're very excited to be back. With our experience, we are ready to serve your needs.

First, I'd like to tell you about some of our specials and promotions! You can view the details on all promotions in our Forums. [url==http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php?board=4.0][baa1ffcfc8d](Click here to view our Forums)[/baa1ffcfc8d][=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php?board=4.0][baa1ffcfc8d](Click here to view our Forums)[/baa1ffcfc8d][/url]

[size=12aa1ffcfc8d][color=#FF0000aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d]Opening Specials[/baa1ffcfc8d][/coloraa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]
[baa1ffcfc8d]ReOpening 10% Bonus for July[/baa1ffcfc8d] - All orders will receive a 10% bonus through out July.
[baa1ffcfc8d]Earn a 20% Bonus for July[/baa1ffcfc8d] - The top earner for July with receive a 20% bonus instead of just 10%.
[baa1ffcfc8d]Partial Payouts[/baa1ffcfc8d] - Yep, always and forever, you can get paid for every referral regardless of their credit status!
- With this feature you can offer users a payout guarantee. Whether they green or not, you can still pay them!
[baa1ffcfc8d]Instant Payouts[/baa1ffcfc8d] - You'll get paid within minutes to hours of your order being placed.
[baa1ffcfc8d]1 Referral Cashouts[/baa1ffcfc8d] - Cash out with any amount of referrals. Just send in a custom order.
[baa1ffcfc8d]Free Greens[/baa1ffcfc8d] - Sign up unreferred to any of our sites and we'll credit your account with a free green!
[baa1ffcfc8d]Manual Credit Requests[/baa1ffcfc8d] - If you did not receive credit for an offer we'll do our best to manually get it for you!
[baa1ffcfc8d]Repeatable Sites[/baa1ffcfc8d] - You can repeat all of our sites as many times as you'd like.
[baa1ffcfc8d]Forever Green[/baa1ffcfc8d] - Once you've gone green you will be green for all future orders!
[size=15aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d][url==http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php?board=4.0]View Promotional Details[=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php?board=4.0]View Promotional Details[/url][/baa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]
We also have a very special program for a select few individuals. This promotion offers you the chance to earn even more then the base rate of $40 per referral. PM me to earn up to $60 per referral on a $40 site! (Offers do not change. It's just as easy!)

[size=12aa1ffcfc8d][color=#FF0000aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d]Site Features[/baa1ffcfc8d][/coloraa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]
OrderGiftsFree has 18 sites and has shipped out over [baa1ffcfc8d]$500,000[/baa1ffcfc8d] since December of 2006.
- You can check out all 18 sites at our homepage.
- [iaa1ffcfc8d]We have over 150 offers for you![/iaa1ffcfc8d] [url==http//ps3.ordergiftsfree.com/offers.php]View all Offers[=http//ps3.ordergiftsfree.com/offers.php]View all Offers[/url]
- Each site has it's own advanced design.
- Our sites are listed as $40, $80, $120, $10 per referral, or DIY.
- Newsletters to keep you up to date.
- Testimonials and Payment Proofs
[size=15aa1ffcfc8d][color=#FF0000aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d][url==http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/]View our Sites[=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/]View our Sites[/url][/baa1ffcfc8d][/coloraa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]

OrderGiftsFree has it's own forum to help users communicate and further their success. Register today!
- Contests and promotions!
- Random Discussions
- Conga Line - Free Referrals [url==http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php?board=8.0](More details here)[=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php?board=8.0](More details here)[/url]
- Buy or Trade Referrals (This is only for OrderGiftsFree sites. We're not here to compete with our friend A4F)
- Member support! (Sometimes the best answer comes from another user who's been in the same situation)
[size=15aa1ffcfc8d][color=#FF0000aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d][url==http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php]View our Forums[=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/forums/index.php]View our Forums[/url][/baa1ffcfc8d][/coloraa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]

[size=12aa1ffcfc8d][color=#FF0000aa1ffcfc8d][baa1ffcfc8d]Script Features[/baa1ffcfc8d][/coloraa1ffcfc8d][/sizeaa1ffcfc8d]
Fully custom designed script! (Don't worry it's simple to work with, but advanced in nature)
- Once you log into one of our sites you're logged into all of our sites.
- Your own personal advertising page on OrderGiftsFree
- Promotional Banner, Text, and Image ads for your easy advertising needs.

And that's everything! I hope I've convinced you to give us at least a shot to be your new friend! If you have any questions you can respond here, email me, open up a ticket, post on our forums, message me live on AIM/Yahoo or heck why not come talk to me? OrderGiftsFree takes pride in answering your questions within minutes. [baa1ffcfc8d]Enjoy![/baa1ffcfc8d]

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Randy Marshall
President - OrderGiftsFree, LLC