We're Back - Huge Promotions - Tons of Changes!

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14-04-2008 21:29:37

[ba69a55cd77]Hey everyone, OrderGiftsFree is back!![/sizea69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77]

[ia69a55cd77](I know this post is long, but you can't mention all of our new features in just one paragraph!)[/ia69a55cd77]

Guess what? We're up! Our brand new script is %100 custom built and filled with many new features! With these incredible changes we've launched six new sites! Our new sites include Advanced Software, Luxury for Women, High Definition Television, The Gift Nook, Car Stereos, and High Quality Cameras. We've launched multiple promotions for each site and our other remaining sites. View all of our insane promotions below!

Another reminder to ALL users. [ba69a55cd77]It is mandatory that all users click the "Forgot My Password" link.[/colora69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77] All passwords have been reset due to the new switch. All users must also reselect the appropriate prize they'd like to receive. [ba69a55cd77]Referral links MUST[/colora69a55cd77] be updated![/ba69a55cd77] Our sites are best used with Mozilla Based Browsers (FireFox, Safari, Netscape) Internet Explorer is not recommended. If you find any bugs or problems with our sites open up a support ticket asap and we'll get it fixed right away!

With our advanced changes we've also setup [ba69a55cd77]Instant Payouts[/ba69a55cd77]. You should receive your payment within minutes/hours of placing your order! WOW! We've also enabled [ba69a55cd77]one referral cash outs[/ba69a55cd77]. If you get stuck or decide to switch to one of our other sites you can cash out with just one referral! We've added tons of new offers! Many of which are worth one full credit. [ia69a55cd77]I guarantee that if you compare our offers with other site offers you will notice how easy it is to go green with our sites. Our offer ratios are out of the roof compared to ANY other site![/ia69a55cd77] (Many more offers are on their way) As always we allow all users to [ba69a55cd77]order unlimited times[/colora69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77] on ALL sites. If you've earned a Camera on our Cameras site and you decide you'd like to earn another Camera you can do so by simply referring more users. If you want a prize that isn't listed anywhere on our sites you can custom order your own gift of choice! Once your account has been credited, from your completions, [ba69a55cd77]you will always be credited for all future orders. Once Green always Green![/ba69a55cd77] If you ever have problems with crediting you may submit a credit request through our new system. Responses will come back as soon as possible!

We have another feature that no other site can offer! [ba69a55cd77]Your own personal page![/ba69a55cd77] You can add images, contacts, referral links and more! Many more features will be built on to this page in the future!

To help our users promote their referral links we have implemented a Referrals Promotion section with Text ads, Banner ads (MANY sizes to choose from), and Image ads. You may also submit proof pictures and submit your own testimony through your profile to be displayed on our main page. (Since we're just launching this script we're short on testimonies and payment proofs. Submit any old proofs and helps us out) On another note, we'd like to let everyone know that when we send out PayPal orders there are NO FEES. You will receive exactly what you earned. If you'd like to watch a small tutorial explaining our new sites and their many features you may watch a video by clicking HERE[=http//www.ordergiftsfree.com/ogftour/ogftour.html]HERE. (I recommend everyone to watch this Video at least once to see our many new features) Remember you can always contact our support staff through support tickets, emails, the forums, and through AIM. View our support page for the AIM screen names. If you would like you can contact any of your referrals through our own email form. View all of your referrals and click their email address. It will then direct to you to another page to send the email!

EDIT Just a little notice. Once you're on our home page you'll have to click the text to enter our sites. (We'll have the images set as links here shortly)

And of course, we have setup high quality images throughout the entire site! Our script is extremely easy to navigate and filled with extra helpful features. Our sites are lightning fast and %100 reliable! Thanks for working with us!

[ba69a55cd77]Promotion #1[/ba69a55cd77] - Our first promotion is worth A LOT of money! The object of this promotion is to refer the most users to any or all of our sites from today, April 14th, 2008 to May 31st 2008! The users accounts must be green (Offer requirements met) and they can not be suspended/hold. All referrals that are green from each of our 16 sites will be added up to find our winner. If you would like to participate in this promotion you must send me a PM through the FreeLunchRoom board[=http//www.freelunchroom.com/board/ordergiftsfree/]FreeLunchRoom board. I will add your account to the below list! (Referrals from our No Credit Card Site (Game Center), and our Do It Yourself site will not count for Promotion #1) Don't hesitate to send a PM! If only a few users apply for this promotion you're almost guaranteed some cash as long as you try just a little!

[ba69a55cd77][ia69a55cd77]Users Participating in Promotion #1[/ia69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77]

[ba69a55cd77]1st place will receive $500 PayPal or a Visa Gift Card![/colora69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77] (This is the equivalent of almost 13 referrals!)
[ba69a55cd77]2nd place will receive $250 PayPal or a Visa Gift Card![/colora69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77]
[ba69a55cd77]3rd place will receive $100 PayPal or a Visa Gift Card![/colora69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77]
[ba69a55cd77]4th, 5th, and 6th place will receive $50 PayPal[/colora69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77]

[ba69a55cd77]Can you say WOW? That's $1,000 in prizes!!!!![/sizea69a55cd77][/ba69a55cd77]

[ba69a55cd77]Promotion #2[/ba69a55cd77] - Our second promotion is to help each user start our 6 new sites. We've decided not to allow free greens for each site, but we do have another solution. From now, April 14th, 2008 until June 15th, 2008 we will allow users to earn a cash bonus for completing your own offer requirement. The only requirement is that you sign up unreferred. Here's the promotion part. For each site you complete your offer requirement you'll receive a $30 cash bonus. This way users will earn a large amount of money and at the same time be green for their future order. (Remember, you can always refer an extra referral to any of our sites to be counted as your offer requirement instead) Once you have completed your requirements on any or all 6 of our sites you may send a PM with your PayPal email through the FreeLunchRoom board[=http//www.freelunchroom.com/board/ordergiftsfree/]FreeLunchRoom board to me and I will send the cash bonus immediately.

[ba69a55cd77]Promotion #3[/ba69a55cd77] - Is promotion #2 too much for you? Do you plan to promote all 6 of our sites? We will allow one exception to our statement in promotion #2. We will issue you a free green to all 6 sites assuming you plan to work on each of them. We understand many users here at FiPG like to have HUGE trading threads. This will allow our users to be green without any work involved except that of referring users to all 6 sites. You may request this promotion by opening up a support ticket requesting a green for all 6 sites. Remember you can not request a green for just one site! This promotion will last from now April 14th, 2008 until May 31st, 2008.

[ba69a55cd77]Promotion #4[/ba69a55cd77] - Designated OrderGiftsFree Workers. This is for the extreme! This is for only a few! This promotion will be for a select few users. This promotion will allow EVERY referral on ALL sites to be worth $50 a referral. ($140 on our Computers site, $100 on the PayPal and HDTV, and $15 on the No CC site) This promotion requires you to have 16 of our 18 sites in your trade thread with no other sites in your trade thread. (No CC and DIY sites are not required) In return for trading purely with OrderGiftsFree you will receive more bang for your buck! We have some amazing offers and MANY more to come. While everyone else is getting $40 your tearing them up with $50! (You MUST open a support ticket to request this promotion. I'll set you up and put you on the list!) Oh and of course you'll receive a free green for all of our sites. This promotion will last from now April 14th, 2008 until May 15th 2008. You must have at least 50 TR/iTrader Feedback to join this promotion.


05-05-2008 12:14:02

Cool! I really like the sites. Lots of really cool features!

OGF is back alright!


06-05-2008 15:33:30

Yep, back and doing great! Most of our announcements are on FreeLunchRoom. So stay tuned to both forums!


sandra habina

08-05-2008 11:18:12



13-05-2008 16:59:17

Your sites are like breaking into fort knox!!

haha, i'm having an issue signing up, but i emailed you, no problems D

I love the sites by the way, great payout, innovative gift ideas, organized, lots of offers. Nice work, you're awesome D