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C Barry Smith

21-03-2008 12:57:59

This is the second payment of $240.00 on Computersordergiftsfree,
Thank you for your help and payments.


21-03-2008 13:02:11

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miss edie

29-05-2008 04:29:50

[b01c8d962c5]CONGRATS!! [/b01c8d962c5]
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29-05-2008 05:48:47

Miss Edie, why are you posting Congrats to 2 month old topics? You seem to have a habit of popping in every so often and spaming Congrats all over the place.

C Barry, I apparently missed this back when you posted them, but why are you posting 3 separate cashout threads from the same site on the same day, when you could have posted them all in one?

I guess since Brag Bag posts don't count anymore (for this very reason) you guys feel the need to post them elsewhere. The postcount inflation attempts really need to stop, or we'll be forced to do something drastic like stop counting posts altogether, or reset the offenders' postcounts to 0.