A few Announcements - Slight Delays

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31-01-2008 22:52:21

Hey everyone, first off I'd like to tell you that all 1099 forms have been mailed out.

Second, I'd like to say the new script and all its many features are coming a long great. It's been tough. Me and 2 other individuals have been pulling 15 hour days for the past few weeks and even longer in some cases. All of the new site designs are looking great. We are currently working on some last minute coding. We are at an estimated [bee7a443531]%98 complete[/bee7a443531]. Due to us still having a little more to do we are yet again going to delay our completion date a little longer. This time I feel it wouldn't be right to state another completion date that may not be achieved. We're VERY close and this will all be well worth it in the end. All of your individual data is safe and will be with the new site. The new site will be secure and safe.

Here's a few more details of our new launch.

We will be launching 5 new sites! Each of these sites will have promotions upon the launch date. We will also hold a promotion for the entire network! As mentioned before we have many new offers and many full credit offers. We would also like to let you know that we have over 50 no credit card offers on our No CC site! Completing our No CC site will be easier then ever!

And of course everyone likes a good screen shot. I'm providing to you an image of our new home page! As you'll notice in the image our new sites are [iee7a443531]Luxury For Women, High Definition Television, Gifts (Looking for Chocolate, Sweets, or other deserts?), Car Stereos, and Cameras[/iee7a443531]! Check out the image below!
http//img="337.imageshack.us" alt=""/img337/1374/newsiteupdatesft9.jpg[]http//img="337.imageshack.us" alt=""/img337/1374/newsiteupdatesft9.jpg

I hope you can all bear with us during the down time. Believe me, if I could get the site up right now I would. Time is money! We are working hard and want you to all know we will be up soon! Stick around and you'll be surprised!


sandra habina

07-02-2008 02:28:05

Looking forward to this Randy.


07-02-2008 09:13:23

[bd938659d6b]Can't wait randy you know we are missing ogf[/bd938659d6b]


27-02-2008 07:23:37

Any word on when you'll be reopening? I have an issue with my referrer on Shoes that I need your assistance with.


27-02-2008 08:32:35

Looking forward to it. Haven't completed any of your sites, but if it lives up to the hype, should be good. D


06-03-2008 15:39:29

I was waiting... and waiting.. i guess this is a long delay. I hope you guys come back soon (

lol I just got my w9 form... and I already filed my taxes

sandra habina

07-03-2008 23:51:33

Slight delay??? What is going on Randy? Give us an update please.

Anybody heard any news ?


14-03-2008 23:01:48

Sorry guys! We're getting pretty close. Most of my announcements are on FreeLunchRoom.com however I'll start posting them here too! We are looking to launch back up next week! Lots to come!


20-03-2008 12:29:04

can't wait