Down time Expected - HUGE updates!

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10-01-2008 23:16:01

Hey everyone as I've mentioned multiple times before we are going to be having some huge updates! [bf5075d2233]Starting January 18th, 2008 until January 25th, 2008[/bf5075d2233] we will be down for updates. Some of these updates include...

[bf5075d2233]DOWN TIME 01/18/2008 - 01/25/2007[/colorf5075d2233][/sizef5075d2233][/bf5075d2233]

[if5075d2233]Instant Payouts (Every few hours)
1 Referral Cash outs/1 Point Cash outs
Brand NEW script (Many friendly features)
Fraud Protection
Easy Missing Credit Requests (They will still take time)
Many 1 full credit offers
Many new offers
Green FOREVER (Users will no longer need to request this feature)
Unlimited Orders (As before you can place an order on any site multiple times)
Submit a Proof Of Payment
Submit a Testimony
News Updates
Special banners to promote your referral link
[bf5075d2233]AND MORE...![/bf5075d2233]
A couple things to note. When we do come back from the downtime, all users will need to reset their password. This can be easily done by clicking the "Forgot my password" link. Users will no longer be able to purchase credits from PayPal. Users however may still refer an extra user to count as their credit. [if5075d2233]Your referral URL will NOT change![/if5075d2233]

There's a lot to come and a lot to see! Get everything done and cash out before the downtime! All orders submitted before the downtime will be sent out before the downtime. Support will still be available through AIM, but Samuel and Natalia will have limited access. Thanks for working with us!

[bf5075d2233]~OGF Staff[/bf5075d2233]


28-01-2008 07:27:41

I attempted to log on to Shoes.OGF, but it is still down. I am a Primo Dinero victim, so I am kind of worried. Can you let us know when we can access the sites again.



29-01-2008 13:50:11

I apologize for not bring an update to the FreeIpodGuide forums. We've had a slight delay and we'll be up by the 1st!


31-01-2008 06:01:24

Thanks for the update. D