We'll be back up ASAP! - Suspended Notice

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22-08-2007 03:19:28

Hey everyone we're working on getting rid of the Suspended Notice. No one has been affected in anyway. Our hosting service just needs to clear up a few issues. I'm working with them as fast as I can. We may end up switching to a new and better server if required. You guys are doing so great they're not sure if what I have can handle the traffic! I'll keep everyone updated, but the site should be back up by tonight or tomorrow! I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused!



22-08-2007 06:54:59

Thanks for letting us know. I tried to log in to get the names of the partial credits I have. I guess when you are back up and running, I can send you another email. Is that OK?


22-08-2007 07:52:02

Don't do that to me! I've been scammed a lot lately, & I thought I had got it again. It was giftmonkey nightmares all over again.

Thanks for the update!


22-08-2007 08:44:08

Thanks for updating us i spent minutes running thru my head what i could have done wrong.


22-08-2007 16:09:16

I"m sure you guys have noticed, but we're back online!

sandra habina

24-08-2007 01:38:27