Crediting Update Request

Live forum:


16-08-2007 08:13:42

hello, just wandering if any offers are still crediting since you can longer submit man. requests? i ask because i did not get credit for 2 offers i did there. my mom also tried 1 offer and she did not get credit either. cry we follow liallli cookie instructions & how to get credit??? anything at all we can do? she's thinking of trying it again but i'm afraid she won't get the credit again, any suggestions?liliplease HELP!!!!!
we have greened on other sites, so i really don't understand???????


16-08-2007 12:09:25

What offers were completed? We haven't been experiencing any crediting issues.


16-08-2007 17:33:07

it was netflix, your music, and video professor! i know netflix said up to "7 days", but that's passed too! the other i think were "instant"? thank you for responding so fast, cause your advice would greatly be appriciated here!


16-08-2007 18:40:17

These offers appear to be crediting normal. I'm not sure what's causing the issues. We no longer accept manual credit requests. The best I can recommend you do is keep trying and always clear your cookies.


16-08-2007 19:05:05

not quite the response i was hoping for but appriciate your advice. i know you have an awesome network, hope i can get it figured out so i can start working on getting my own ref's there soon! thx for your time!