Using Giftcards Will Make Me Go Red?

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15-08-2007 15:46:46

Hey, i was going to complete computers.ogf for some one and i'm having problems with my bank, so i figured i would just buy a Visa or Mastercard Giftcard and use that for offers. I heard somewhere that if i used it and then they started charging and there wasn't enough on the card, i would go red?

Anyone know anything about this?



15-08-2007 16:17:59

I don't speak for OGF, but the use of gift cards to complete incentivized offers has been frowned upon for some time, to the point recently where various networks have declared it an act of fraud. So I would NOT advise it. Something like a PayPal debit card with backup funding tied to your bank account would be preferable.


15-08-2007 22:01:50

yea, i was just having trouble with it, but i told someone i would do their site, but thanks for the info


16-08-2007 12:08:39

Yep, we have not made any particular rule, but a lot of our offers require a valid debt/credit card. By using a gift card there is a HIGH risk of getting your credits reversed.


22-08-2007 14:49:54

gotchaaa, ok thanks for the info, i've just gotten charged a few times from offers when i shouldn't have and i'm scared to use my own card anymore