Please welcome OGF Natalia to our staff!

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08-08-2007 10:24:48

Hey everyone message "[bc6916f54a1]OGF Natalia[/bc6916f54a1]" on AIM and congratulate her on her new position with! We now have 4 reps wokring with You should always be able to contact at least one of us instantly on AIM. If not, we always guarantee ALL support tickets to be answered within 1 day! Natalia has made it clear she should be on a lot more then some of us so feel free to get in contact with her!

[uc6916f54a1][bc6916f54a1]Current Reps[/bc6916f54a1][/sizec6916f54a1][/uc6916f54a1] (These are also all of our AIM screen names!)
[bc6916f54a1][ic6916f54a1]~ OrderGiftsFree
~ OGF Natalia
~ OGF Samuel
~ OGF John

Keep up the good work everyone! [bc6916f54a1]We're one more step closer to becoming the #1 Freebie Website![/bc6916f54a1] Have a great day everyone!


08-08-2007 13:36:52

Welcome Aboard!!! I'm sure I will be contacting you....


08-08-2007 22:48:14

John is usually my go to guy now but if he is not around I will be contacting you. D