I'm running a small crediting test - Leave feedback!

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04-08-2007 02:13:59

I went ahead and re-inputed all of the offer credits for the entire month of July up to now manually. I want to see if this will randomly credit users that for some reason never received credit to begin with. If you received a credit tonight that was due any time within the past month please post here. (If you did the offer today there's no need to post as it was probably crediting with our system correctly) Make sure you include all of the offers that credited tonight and PLEASE include the offer name. Also include when you first completed the offer. If I find that any certain offers aren't crediting back I'll get it fixed asap. If I find any of my publishers are having problems I'll also fix this asap. I'm not sure if I will receive any results here, but I'm hoping that a few issues can be resolved this quickly.

Thanks for working with me on this. I'll run several tests for the next few days and will post if you guys are needed!


EDIT I've already discovered a couple BIG problems that are going to be fixed asap. I can already see a lot of users getting credits! I'm very excited to hear responses. I apologize and hope this is the first step to resolving all issues!


04-08-2007 09:16:34

Way to go Randy. 3 refs got credits after weeks of not having them. They did not get credit for all the offers they did but they still got some credits. I am glad to hear that crediting is getting better already. OGF here I come! D


04-08-2007 09:49:58

Yeah, I had a referral sitting at 1.5 credits for days and while he didn't get credit for all the offers he did yet he was bumped up to 2.666667 credits today, which is a good sign that things are headed in the right direction. Thanks OGF!


22-09-2007 02:20:26

You should do this for september /


09-10-2007 15:08:26

you should do this for october haha


14-10-2007 21:48:49

Sorry guys, crediting has been pretty good lately. Check our October Promotion!