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03-08-2007 00:40:51

It appears lately a lot of users have been dropping OrderGiftsFree as one of their favorite sites. As any site owner would be I'm very concerned with this change. Most of the problems have been crediting. In fact %99 of the issues have been with crediting. The other %1 is the support given for crediting. I'm about to go into great detail about everything you guys need to know. Why didn't I tell you this before? The answer is simple, you didn't need to know. I don't want my users to hear the problems in the backgrounds, but only the good things that are happening.

Recently there have been a lot of problems. I'll start with all of the details about when things went wrong. Before the huge payment issues and crediting issues I had 7 publishers. All of these publishers offered different offers at different rates. 2 of these 7 publishers paid me on time or within 1 week of the payment being due. 2 of these publishers paid me within the past 3 days. (Over a month late on some leads) That leaves 3 publishers. 1 of those publishers just paid me and revoked over $7,000 in leads. Another one of these 3 publishers paid me and revoked over $30,000 in leads. (This publisher did not get paid by his higher up publisher therefore he revoked everything) The 3rd and final publisher has and will not pay me a total of $13,000 due in leads.

Lets do the math. 7+30+13=$50,000 in leads that have not and will not be paid to me. I have chosen to pay EVERY last penny of this $50,000 to my users. Do you guys realize how much money this is? That is enough to get you a BMW, a BRAND NEW Mustang, or to put down a large down payment on a house. I spent $50,000 of my own money to pay out you guys. This $50,000 has been accumulated through out the last 7 months that OrderGiftsFree.com has been open. Some of it is even out of my pocket from a previous job. I decided that this $50,000 was due no matter what the circumstance was. It didn't seem fair that my users should have to pay so harshly because my publishers decided to pull quick ones. I decided that to keep OrderGiftsFree going I'd go ahead and pay out all the leads, which in fact I already have.

This $50,000 was being generated to pay for the rest of my college and to help pay many bills that are already owned on my behalf. I believed that OrderGiftsFree would prevail and that we would not have to worry. Things would pick up and maybe I'd even earn close to the $50k back quicker.

Well guess what? Things aren't going as I planned. Because of all of this I dropped 4 of the 7 publishers that didn't pay me or paid me late. This would obviously cause a huge short in offers. (Many users have noticed and requested we get new offers) I went out and hunted down as many new publishers as I could. I found 6 new publishers. These 6 new publishers have provided MANY new offers to OrderGiftsFree. I added these offers for hours and hours in hopes to get things back to normal. I even found offers from my previous publishers that I didn't have up. I duplicated the offer list by 3 times. This doesn't even include the fact that I have a lot more offers coming and more to add.

It turns out crediting hasn't been going too well with these publishers. I've had nothing but complaints about users not getting credit. EVERY users wants me to give them their greens for free. I understand that it isn't fair for you to not get your credit, but understand it isn't fair for me to keep paying my college funds to try to make each person happy. I've given users tutorials on how to get their credit. Many say they have "read" these tutorials. Back before all of these incidents we allowed users to send in manual credit requests. This helped a little, but not much at all. Over %90 of the emails sent in were fake generated by auto programs. We were getting unbelievable large amounts of credit requests. However we still sent them in. In the long run our publishers said we can no longer send in credit requests. We had to remove them from OGF.

So now we're down to this. We have MANY offers, but we can't give you credit unless you follow every page correctly and get the credit instantly on your own.

I can't pay each of you for what I'm not paid. I've paid out more then I should of ever paid out on my own. I've done nothing but try to make OGF survive. I pushed as hard as I could and worked long hours to get OGF moving again.

What do I get from all of this? I get more and more and more complaints. I get users trashing my sites. I get users yelling about my site ethics. I get users calling me and my staff liars. I get people reporting me to companies to try to take down my business. I get threats in the mail and in emails. I even get users who scream about how they frauded and how they still shouldn't be on hold. There is no answer to this situation.

I'll keep looking for more publishers that offer better offers with better crediting. I'm going to find what offers are having the worst crediting issues and I'll remove them. I'll hunt down new offers that my users can complete and get their credit. You guys also need to understand this. I WANT YOU to get your credit. Every time you complete an offer OGF takes a very small profit margin off of each offer. Every time you don't get credit we get the opposite and can end up losing 40 times what we profit on just one completion. Our goal is to get you credit and to get you your gift.

As for support. We have Samuel, me, and John. We answer tickets within 24 hours almost always. AIM has been tight lately, but we are getting close to hiring someone who is available a lot more often and should be able to help out a lot quicker. We also have a new site coming soon that we're hoping our users like.

So now you know what's going on. It's up to you if you want to make OGF live on. I'd like everyone to please rethink your opinion on OGF as you read this thread. Please tell me everything I can do to make things better. I'll take everyones opinions and see what I can do. I'm here to work my hardest to make things better between us and you. We are trying our best to serve you all, but it seems that nothing is working. Please work with us as we try to resolve these issues. This is painful, but we proved ourselves in the past and we plan to prove ourselves in the future. I apologize more than I possibly can. We want to make things better between each and everyone one of you. Have a great day everyone. Good night everyone.

[b0caf115671]Your OGF Staff - Randy, Samuel, and John[/b0caf115671]


03-08-2007 09:37:49

This would explain why my referral didn't get credit for more than half of his offers. Luckily, he's a persistent guy and will keep at it until he greens. Still love OGF and will continue to do your site(s).


03-08-2007 23:21:37

Thank you Randy for telling us the whole story. Now we know exactly whats been happening to you. D

I was one of your users that had just about given up on the site because of the crediting. I have brought in 29 approved referrals and I was going to call it quits because of the crediting. I really love the site because of the staff that work there, John thanks for all the patience. I am glad to see that you are hunting down the offers that work and don't work. I will start of the list with price store...it works.

As for the manual crediting, I think it was great if only you could find a way to distinguish real request from fraudulent ones. Would it be very hard to get a list from you publishers of people that they charged and that way you just give credit to those who had to pay for the offers. If you see a request and see that person never got a credit card charge the you obviously do not give them credit. I don't know how time consuming that would be but it may be worth the extra money that you pay out in fraudulent leads.

In order for ogf to reach its previous superiority in the freebie world 3 things must happen.

1. Crediting needs to happen within the time that it says. Ex. Instant should be within an hour and within a day should credit within a day.

2. Manual credit requests should come back. I know there is a guide on your website for ways to make sure you get credit but lets be honest here, even if you have all cookies settings right and you clear them and everything half the time the offers don't credit. Other networks are not having this same problem with the severity that ogf is experiencing and this must be due to the publishers being stingy.

3. Bring back the $1 half credit offers. Those offers usually credit very fast and well. Also they give you cool stuff like a free $20 gas card that worked perfect at Exon. D

I love ogf and I want to continue to do business with your network. As long as we are all willing to work together we can all make this network great again!


03-08-2007 23:41:27

Thank you for all of your input. I agree crediting should happen when it says it happens. When we say wait 3 days it's because there is always a small chance it may credit late. Any offer can have a small delay for any reason. However this is rare. I'm working on manual credits. A few of these publishers may still allow it. I may have to add a feature that shows which offers allow manual credit requests and some that don't. As for the $1 offer we lost all the good ones. We're hoping they are brought back, but at the moment that isn't looking too great. Obviously these are easily frauded offers. We added a few new $1 trials last week, but some take a few days to credit.


04-08-2007 00:23:36

Would my idea about the manual credit requests work? Would the offer companies give you a list of people that they have charged?