Earned $600+? MAKE SURE your W-9 form is in! (NEW UPDATES!)

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26-07-2007 17:47:19

After going through all of the orders yesterday and sending them to the final stage before payment we had over 25 orders that needed to send in their W-9 form. Please go to the status page and scroll down to see if I left you an Admin message. If your account says "Approved" then most likely I'm waiting for your W-9. If your account says "Awaiting Shipment" then you'll be paid [b3c5f3d79d8]TOMORROW! (July 28th)[/b3c5f3d79d8] If I don't have your W-9 form I can't pay you yet!

Yep that's right, I said [i3c5f3d79d8][b3c5f3d79d8]tomorrow[/b3c5f3d79d8][/i3c5f3d79d8]! We're happy to finally get things back on schedule. We'll now be paying out on a weekly basis. Every Friday night we will be sending out payments. (Expect them to be late Friday night or really early Saturday morning) For now on everyone will wake up to their payments! (And probably spend most of it having fun on that Saturday!) You can submit your order at any time up to 1200 PM PST each Friday. After that time you'll be paid on the next Friday. (This is only stated if there were issues however most likely if you send in your order later Friday you'll be paid if we haven't sent the orders out yet)

On another note over the past few days we've added over 70 new offers! There are many HOT new easy trial offers, purchase offers, and many UNIQUE never before seen in the freebie industry offers. We'll be adding even more over the next few days!

We're doing the best we can to get our users back with OrderGiftsFree and we apologize for this wait. I never wanted to stall payments and I wish I could still pay out instantly, but I had to get a few things straightened out money wise. Everything is resolved and we're ready to get back in the game. Overall we now have set payout dates, TONS of new offers, and we're planning a new site in the next few weeks! Forgive us if you can, you won't regret it!

[i3c5f3d79d8]From the OrderGiftsFree.com staff![/i3c5f3d79d8]

[b3c5f3d79d8]Randy, Samuel, and John![/b3c5f3d79d8]

[b3c5f3d79d8]EDIT I decided to get them out sooner! ALL ORDERS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED! (If you haven't been paid, make sure your W-9 is in!)[/color3c5f3d79d8][/b3c5f3d79d8][/size3c5f3d79d8]


26-07-2007 18:30:05

Well, that is great news!! I have two orders awaiting shipment.....


26-07-2007 18:52:46

That's great news OGF! You guys still have some of the best sites IMO. Keep it up. )


27-07-2007 02:03:07

Orders are out! I'll probably send a few more orders this week just for some of the users sending in W-9's. We'll get on the weekly schedule starting now! Congratulations everyone! Have a great weekend and enjoy your earnings ;)


27-07-2007 05:14:49

I got my payment this morning....thank you very much OGF!!!!


27-07-2007 09:22:50

[ifb5c2b2194][bfb5c2b2194]Yay! I got my payment this morning, too! I was able to make another payment towards my wedding rings!! ) Thanks so much OGF!!! )[/colorfb5c2b2194][/bfb5c2b2194][/ifb5c2b2194]


27-07-2007 19:03:24

Got my $800 payment today! Thanks!

On a not so happy note though my refs are complaining about the bad crediting. Some refs have to do many many offers just to go green because they are not getting their credit for completed offers. Will you be bringing manual credits back? Please answer here and copy the answer in a pm to me also...thanks a lot. D