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22-07-2007 11:33:54

Hi, I cant ever seem to find any OGF users on AIM anymore so I'm starting a thread.

I submitted my order on 06/28/07, and still until this day I am awaiting payment. It will be one month in one week from today.. Thats 4 weeks exactly..

I am still wondering why you did not send payment last sunday when you said you would?

username- bilalq908atgmaildotcom

OGF John

22-07-2007 21:08:09

I'm online all day,on Tuesdays,Thursdays,and the weekends. The remainder days,I'm on from about 200(Pacific Time), to 1200. wink

- OGF John


22-07-2007 23:08:05

This question has been answered in numerous threads and on numerous forums. The payout date is as soon as possible and will be announced when possible.


24-07-2007 08:49:22

Yes OGF John was great, I'm not going to lie OGF is making me mad cause I haven't been paid but there customer service is still great. ) hope we get paid soon