Support is/was fantastic!!!

Live forum:


10-07-2007 18:55:46

I had a hold on my account and they promptly called me and we worked everything out...Extremley friendly and helpful...Thanks Bonnie and the rest...Keep up the good work!!!


10-07-2007 19:59:19

I voted 4.0-5.0

OGF is DEFINITELY in my top three favorite networks, maybe even top two. Support is wonderful, crediting is great, payouts are near instant, unlimited orders, green for life..what more could you ask for? ;)


10-07-2007 21:03:11

Thanks guys, we know things are a little slow right now, but we expect to get back into the game soon!


17-08-2007 15:34:49

Come on guys, help the site get a 3.0-4.0 rating...Vote here...


17-08-2007 16:46:22

I love this network!!!


22-08-2007 10:22:17

Hi all,

I voted, have been wanting to see this site rated for a long time now, and have asked for it...perhaps this will get some attention.

Keep having people come here to put their opinions in!!!

Margot D


24-08-2007 11:20:11

This is a great network.

Always online and always able to contact them.

I vote a 4.0 to 5.0!!


24-08-2007 15:01:40

voted for the highest rating! great network, i was even paid for partial credits, unexpected payment! they are awesome thanks!


07-11-2007 15:36:51

Why is this site not yet rated?