Next Payout 07/05/07 (Tomorrow)

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05-07-2007 00:07:37

[bfea6d30dad]Payment Update![/sizefea6d30dad][/bfea6d30dad]
As it says in the title all orders will be paid tomorrow (07/05/07)! I would have gotten them out tonight, however it being the 4th of July I just couldn't get to it. The next payout will be announced shortly. I'm hoping to get at least one more in by the 15th, but we'll see what we can do! After the 15th we should be back on instant payouts every night! Everyone be safe and have a great 4th of July!



05-07-2007 08:16:45

that's great news! thanks!


05-07-2007 10:44:51

Yippy! More money! Thanks! wink