Over $30,000 Shipped tonight and a NEW Site Launch!

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01-07-2007 03:19:21

[b0b3015ea57]New Site and a lot shipped![/color0b3015ea57][/size0b3015ea57][/b0b3015ea57]
Hey everyone we have a couple new things to announce! First off I'd like to congratulate everyone on the awesome job they've been doing! We shipped out over [b0b3015ea57]$30,000[/b0b3015ea57] tonight! Along with this large amount being shipped out we've launched our newest site!

http//Computers.OrderGiftsFree.com[]http//Computers.OrderGiftsFree.com [b0b3015ea57]($120 a Referral)[/color0b3015ea57][/b0b3015ea57]

After launching our most successful site PayPal.OrderGiftsFree.com ($80 a referral) we figured why not make it $120? Now it's time for everyone to go big! This site does require 3 credits to go green; however, this will require less referrals to get your prize. Many may think this is harder however most will realize it is in fact much easier!

Promotion[/size0b3015ea57][/color0b3015ea57] - Sign up unreferred, open up a support ticket, and get your offer requirement waived!

[i0b3015ea57]Again, thank you everyone for doing such an awesome job! Have a great night ;)[/i0b3015ea57]


01-07-2007 08:15:28

Got my payment this morning, thankyou so much! I will check out the new site too....


01-07-2007 23:32:07

Great looking site...


02-07-2007 05:11:35

Awesome job you guys! And I'm in!


Margot D


02-07-2007 09:19:00

I heart OGF. I don't care what they say about you guys on A4F, I'm staying true to you!! Keep up the awesome work!! D D

sandra habina

02-07-2007 10:11:13

What more can we want - great sites, fast payouts, excellent support.
I agree - I love OGF too. Thankyou so much.


02-07-2007 10:11:33

Thanks guys, you too!