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29-06-2007 16:09:26

Hi there,

Before the payment situation arose at this site, how was the offer crediting generally? I'm thinking about giving it a go if the crediting is good. Thanks!


29-06-2007 16:53:34

I got one offer to credit right away and they other hasn't credited yet in 6 weeks.


29-06-2007 17:20:25

Crediting should be fine. We haven't had too many complaints lately!


07-07-2007 08:51:51

Except that GameFly doesn't credit


08-07-2007 10:47:30

GameFly has been crediting to many users daily.


09-07-2007 11:03:38

Is there anyway I can find out why I haven't received credit for GameFly yet? The other offer I did credited right away. Without manual credit requests I'm just wondering if there is anyone I can contact to find out what the problem might be.


09-07-2007 13:34:26

How long ago was the offer completed?


09-07-2007 14:39:20

I signed up for the free trial on July 1st and received confirmation from GameFly on the same day. They shipped my first game on July 2nd and I received that today.

I know 'Instant' offers don't always credit right away but I did think it would credit within a week.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might be able to offer.


10-07-2007 00:03:30

Since it has been a week it most likely won't credit. The best you can do is follow any of the tutorials on this forum about how to get credit.


10-07-2007 09:40:14

OK, I did everything I was supposed to do. I don't usually have any problem with getting credit. Oh well. (