Paypal.OrderGiftsFree.Com Does Not Give Credit!!!!

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18-06-2007 17:23:38

So for my first try at this I have been trying to complete offers with & out of 6 offers completed they only gave me credit for 3. The other 3 have been denied. SCAMMERS!!!! I did everything right before going to there sight & completing offers. I did a disk cleanup, I also did a defrag, I deleted all temporary internet files, cookies, history(including hidden ones on all of these), I disabled my anti-virus & pop-up blocker, I waited on first page of offers for at least 10 mins, & let each page load completely, I also waited on final page for over 10 mins. So I followed what I was told to do from this forum & it still didn't work. So I am now convinced that this site is a SCAM & they have it set-up this way on purpose. I know they will get paid on the 3 offers that I completed that they will not give credit for. I also had to pay some money out for these, so not very happy with all of this. My question to all of you is Are there any sites out there that give you credit when credit is due??? Do they all do this? I know the whole no manual credit thing, but why is it so hard to get credit? So my first attempt turned out bad, & not giving me much hope for future one, if any.


18-06-2007 17:26:38

Again, it is not the site's fault that it did not credit. They are not scammers, I 've been paid a lot from them, and almost every offer I did from this site credited, so it is unlikely it's the site. Also, you might want to try to wait longer for the offer to credit, not just 10 minutes. They could take up to days.


18-06-2007 17:29:49

I waited a lot longer for them to credit. I completed offers with them 3 days ago & they have denied credit, so nothing further to wait for. And how is it not the sites fault that they don't credit properly????


18-06-2007 17:42:33

It could be an affiliate problem, but I HIGHLY doubt its the site. Yes, offer crediting time have gradually been slowing down, but they still credit.


18-06-2007 17:44:25

Well how long do you think it takes? And once they have denied credit, what is there to wait for?


18-06-2007 17:45:45

ALL sites are denying manual credits right now.

It has taken me a week for a credit to post before.


18-06-2007 18:59:11

I'm sorry, but we do not accept manual credits. We have no way to send them in. Also we will not get paid for the offers you completed unless credit shows up on your account. If we're paid you're paid. I'm not having too many other people with crediting problems so I'm not sure what the issue is. Waiting 10 minutes is a little long and the cookies may expire.