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12-06-2007 09:56:43

I know other sites have problems with so-called "instant" credits not crediting. Is this a problem here?

Also, do you have to wait 7 days for a manual credit request?

What's the average turn-around on those?

I reallyreallyreally want to complete the paypal site soon )


13-06-2007 09:13:04

The crediting should be fine as long as you clear cookies, use IE, and let every page load fully. We ask that users wait at least 3 days to submit manuals.


13-06-2007 09:24:09

ok. I have three refs I'm waiting on (

here's another ?

If we cash out on paypal, do the uncompleted refs still stay on your account for use later?


13-06-2007 09:44:34

[quoteffa3c13ae4="tinkerjenn"]ok. I have three refs I'm waiting on (

here's another ?

If we cash out on paypal, do the uncompleted refs still stay on your account for use later?[/quoteffa3c13ae4]

I can answer that one Tink. Have cashed out several times now, and all the yellows stay for future use, also if you do a custom for paypal, any that go green during the order process, can be added. Any reds are simply subtracted from your order, rather than stopping any of it from going through. So if one referral goes red, you would still get paid, just subtract 40 or 80 from the expected total.

Margot wink


15-06-2007 01:06:25

Yep all referrals roll over to the next order!


18-06-2007 16:58:44

I am new to all of this & is the site that I have been trying to complete offers on. It sucks, so far!! I did a disk cleanup on my computer, also defragged it, deleted all temporary internet files, deleted all cookies, deleted history, disabled pop-up blocker & anti-virus, all of this prior to completing an offer. Out of 6 offers only 3 were credited, with 2 of them already denied credit, because of the whole manual crediting thing, and their site won't credit properly. The other 1 I had to put a request in for & still waiting for them to deny that one too. So I have not been able to go green, & looks like I won't be able to. So for my first try at this, not good. Very frustrated!!

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18-06-2007 17:09:20

And I was right they just denied credit on the 3rd. Don't try to complete offers here!! It will never work. I don't think they ever planned on giving credit, but I am sure they will get paid themselves on all 3 offers that I completed & paid for, that they refuse to give me credit for. Well now I know how this all works, unfortunetly had to learn it the hard way!

Not sure if this thread is for or not, but that is who I am refering to.


18-06-2007 17:27:28



18-06-2007 17:46:47

there is no need to post this twice.


19-06-2007 00:14:10

oh ok...........