We have four OGF Staff Members... Please welcome OGF Samuel!

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10-06-2007 02:29:16

Hey everyone message "[b96b4ad16cb]OGF Samuel[/b96b4ad16cb]" on AIM and congratulate him on his new position with OrderGiftsFree.com! We now have 4 reps for OrderGiftsFree.com. You should always be able to contact at least one of us instantly on AIM. If not, we always guarantee ALL support tickets to be answered within 1 day!

[u96b4ad16cb][b96b4ad16cb]Current Reps[/b96b4ad16cb][/size96b4ad16cb][/u96b4ad16cb] (These are also all of our AIM screen names!)
[i96b4ad16cb]~ OrderGiftsFree
~ OGF Jessica
~ OGF Bonnie
~ [b96b4ad16cb]OGF Samuel[/b96b4ad16cb][/i96b4ad16cb]

Keep up the good work everyone! [b96b4ad16cb]We're one more step closer to becoming the #1 Freebie Website![/b96b4ad16cb] Have a great night everyone!


11-06-2007 23:22:54

Wow. Seems like you keep adding an extra every week!

cheer Welcome Samuel!! cheer


12-06-2007 07:27:48

OrderGiftsFree...never ceases to amaze. D Welcome Samuel! )