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21-05-2007 08:48:43

What can I say, ordergiftsfree is the best site there is on here. Third time getting paid from them, each time its been quicker. I submitted late last night and had 160.00 paid right after, the support is so quick and everything I could say about the site is great!! Thank you and to all my referrals. )


21-05-2007 17:17:57

Awesome job, keep up the good work!


21-05-2007 19:55:22

I agree, one of the best for sure )


21-05-2007 20:53:16

I absolutly am in love with OGF...I am waiting right now for a 30 pay out on a paypal order...please...with OGF the longest I have ever waited is 2 hours. There are so many positive aspects to list, that I have to keep modifying it in the help section D

Got so many people interested, and starting with OGF...all my shameless plugs oops . I really want to know why no Mods or the Round Table as they are or were called don't get on the ball and rate this site...they really deserve it!

Margot D