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09-05-2007 11:27:18

I was put on hold and I asked why and I was told to fax in my ID. I faxed it on Monday and haven't been paid yet (hopefully today so i can pay my rent). But I just wanted to know has anyone else ever been asked for their ID before? I told my coworker and she said I shouldn't have sent in my ID because it could be a scam. I assured her that it wasn't but I hadn't read where anyone else sent in an ID so I was just wondering. thanks


09-05-2007 11:30:31

Sites sometimes ask for ID for various reasons. Especially if you were put on hold. Why were you put on hold?


09-05-2007 11:42:05

I don't know exactly why I was put on hold. He said something about my information being similar to someone else's. I dont know if they had to send in their ID or not because he didn't say. He just said he'll decide whether or not to pay. I don't what to do to prove my information is correct.


09-05-2007 12:01:52

If you send in ID and it matches you account you should be fine. I request ID from people all the time.... The legit people send in ID with no problem...the scammers I never hear from again.


09-05-2007 12:08:04

Oh okay well I sent it to you on Monday. I'm Stephanie.


09-05-2007 14:34:01

Hey, I have responded to your support ticket. I'm sorry to say, but the hold will not be removed off of her account. All of the information on why is in the ticket.

Do what's right everyone! Make money the legit way!


09-05-2007 14:46:54

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