We have shipped over $100,000 in cash and prizes!

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06-05-2007 23:09:08

[bfac86cc2a3]We've shipped over $100,000.00![/bfac86cc2a3][/sizefac86cc2a3][/colorfac86cc2a3]

Hey everyone as I said in the title we have shipped out over [bfac86cc2a3]$100,000[/bfac86cc2a3][/colorfac86cc2a3]! [ifac86cc2a3]($103,820.25)[/ifac86cc2a3] OrderGiftsFree.com has grown incredibly fast over the past few months and I'd like to congratulate everyone for doing such as awesome job!

Remember everyone, we pay out INSTANTLY[/colorfac86cc2a3], we allow UNLIMITED[/colorfac86cc2a3] orders, and we offer $40 PER REFERRAL[/colorfac86cc2a3]! Keep up the good work everyone and keep your eyes out for future upgrades )


07-05-2007 22:12:19

And none of that has came to me? Come on now ;)

Anyways, that's a very nice milestone D


08-05-2007 08:18:57

yep, and very fast too wink


08-05-2007 12:22:31

If only I could get my share.


08-05-2007 14:46:13

amen to that. greens ae hard to come by these days


08-05-2007 15:18:36

Yep, it's not too easy sometimes!