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28-04-2007 11:45:59

this is my favorite network. woke up to more cash. was paid $280 quickly on thursday and another $160 today. Woke up to find this in my paypal.

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28-04-2007 13:45:44

WOW! That is awesome!!!! What a nice months worth of income..am curious though...after your expenses???

No need to reply here, but if you would like to talk to me via pm, that would be great!

I hope to be at that stage soon!!!

Margot D


28-04-2007 14:24:14

hey margot i pm'ed you with the details. Overall so far i've profited a little more than half of the $2,255 for April.

This was the only month i've worked that hard to see how much i could make, but i'm chilling a little for next month lol.


29-04-2007 21:33:28

Haha, awesome job guys!