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25-04-2007 16:23:34

[u8bc5e4b9ab][b8bc5e4b9ab]New Site, and New Site Designs![/b8bc5e4b9ab][/size8bc5e4b9ab][/color8bc5e4b9ab][/u8bc5e4b9ab]
Okay as I have announced in quite a few different threads, we have now setup our new site design on all 10 sites! I don't know how many of you may have caught what I just said, but yes I said 10 sites. We are happy to announce the newest site to our network, [b8bc5e4b9ab]FastFood.OrderGiftsFree.com[=http//fastfood.ordergiftsfree.com]FastFood.OrderGiftsFree.com[/b8bc5e4b9ab]. This site will also count towards our [i8bc5e4b9ab]April and May Promotion too[/i8bc5e4b9ab][=http//www.anything4free.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=92576][i8bc5e4b9ab]April and May Promotion too[/i8bc5e4b9ab]! Every site now has it's own color scheme and professional look! Check all of our sites out at OrderGiftsFree.com!

[b8bc5e4b9ab][u8bc5e4b9ab]Story Line...![/u8bc5e4b9ab][/b8bc5e4b9ab][/color8bc5e4b9ab][/size8bc5e4b9ab]
So you're in your room drinking some [b8bc5e4b9ab]Coke[=http//coke.ordergiftsfree.com]Coke[/b8bc5e4b9ab] with some [b8bc5e4b9ab]Candy[=http//candy.ordergiftsfree.com]Candy[/b8bc5e4b9ab] on your desk. You browse the forums or play games for hours until your mom announces it's dinner time! Of course like everyone else, who wants tuna casserole for dinner? It's time for you to step up and get dinner for EVERYONE! You now can by getting FREEEEE [i8bc5e4b9ab][b8bc5e4b9ab]Fast Food[=http//fastfood.ordergiftsfree.com]Fast Food[/b8bc5e4b9ab][/i8bc5e4b9ab]!

[b8bc5e4b9ab][u8bc5e4b9ab]Opening Promotion![/u8bc5e4b9ab][/b8bc5e4b9ab][/color8bc5e4b9ab][/size8bc5e4b9ab]
And of course with our new launch we have a promotion! From now until May 31st, if you join FastFood.OrderGiftsFree.com unreferred, you can open up a support ticket and request a FREE credit!

[i8bc5e4b9ab][b8bc5e4b9ab]Everyone get fat and enjoy OrderGiftsFree.com[=http//ordergiftsfree.com]OrderGiftsFree.com![/b8bc5e4b9ab][/i8bc5e4b9ab] (Just kidding about the fat part of course!)


25-04-2007 19:40:02

You got my attention, and in a hurry! We have 6 mouths to feed, not including all the childrens friends who are around during dinner time...I don't mind at all, but gets expensive, and can really be a chore!

I'm on my way to sign up!

You have the most unique ideas and sites, and Randy, if you keep up the awesome customer service, great promos, fast payouts, and your every so friendly attitude, you will go very far in this business!!!!!

Thanks so much for all you do, D



25-04-2007 20:06:10

I agree! I already signed up ) I could SO go for $120 bucks for Applebees, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut!! Yum!! Awesome.


25-04-2007 23:19:57



26-04-2007 06:55:40

yay ) not very healthy, but oh well... P

sandra habina

26-04-2007 09:07:46

Sounds great to me. Thank you Margot for letting me know about this new site.


26-04-2007 09:21:27

Question - Can you do a custom for $120 paypal on fast food?


26-04-2007 09:49:55

Your welcome Sandy!

And Tink, I haven't seen a site of Randy's yet that you can't...that's what makes them all so great, if the product doesn't interest you, the paypal will! If I'm wrong, please correct me.

I will eventually put in a custom for Red Lobster...omg, yummy!

Margot wink


26-04-2007 15:06:05

Yep, you can Custom order PayPal. I must have forgot to add that prize. I will add it very soon! Thanks guys!

EDIT Fixed )


28-04-2007 10:21:40


I like this idea for the fast food!
thank you for the free green promotion