New site idea has been posted (Randy want's your input ! )

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20-04-2007 17:45:03

Are you at all interested in a new site idea? If so, let me know...been wanting to find a site that already has my idea, but haven't found one.

I think it would fit in here very well, as you have some of the most unique and innovative ideas. Not to mention you are my favorite network!


Margot 8)


22-04-2007 00:10:40

Hey, of course! We're always interested in hearing what our users have to say. You can post it here or go ahead and PM me ;)!


22-04-2007 10:54:15

Awesome Randy,

I'll PM you first, then if you like it, and want to see what others have to say, I'll post it.

Just don't forget me, if this goes over

Margot 8)


22-04-2007 16:39:17

I PMd Randy with this, and he wants to hear every ones opinions and suggestions.

Ive never seen a site devoted to Pets. If there is one, I know Id sure be interested in it. I would like to see prizes such as Frontline (extremely popular on eBay) for both dogs and cats, pet carriers, beds, grooming supply gift basket, good quality clippers, Pet Co gift cards; all the way up to English and western saddles. Too many things to list, but I bet others would have ideas also.

I was also thinking that you could put a Humane Society donation option, with a 1 or more custom referral option. This would be a wonderful gesture and gift as well as being tax deductible for OGF and the people who chose this prize. Not to mention that the Humane Society has vet services including spay and neutering; so maybe a check to the persons local HS to cover a spay or neuter option?

Would love to hear any feedback on this.


Margot Evans


22-04-2007 21:26:48

I would love it. I have 2 dogs and a turtle. There's LOTS of stuff I would love to buy at PetSmart (or PetCo), but never seem to spend my cash on it. If I had a giftcard for there, I would spend it so super quick. Great idea Margot!


22-04-2007 22:10:52

I see, the more people that like this the better!


23-04-2007 05:57:22

[quotec2d2e5bede="ldybug1752"]I would love it. I have 2 dogs and a turtle. There's LOTS of stuff I would love to buy at PetSmart (or PetCo), but never seem to spend my cash on it. If I had a giftcard for there, I would spend it so super quick. Great idea Margot![/quotec2d2e5bede]

Thanks ldybug1752! And I agree with Randy, we need to get the word out, and get people to give opinions. I'll find some, and with your help ldybug, maybe we could get more response on this!


Margot D

sandra habina

23-04-2007 07:15:15

WOW I am definitely interested, what a great idea for a site. I have 4 dogs and 4 cats and I know lots of people with pets. I know several breeders that would be interested in the gift cards, or the frontline. Oh there are so many things I buy now - this would be inspirational to go for the prizes. Excellent idea Margot - sign me up!!!!!


23-04-2007 07:34:11


I need a littermaid!


23-04-2007 08:18:18

I love it. Great idea. Maybe a GC for dog training. I know my Collie could use something like that.


23-04-2007 08:39:45

Great idea. I have a couple dogs and they would love the site also, i'm sure!!


23-04-2007 10:25:06

I LOVE IT... we have 3 toy poodles and a toy chi ummmmmm how do i spell that? lol i cant even get it close enough this morning for google to reconize it correct my spelling. lol poor cocoa i cant even spell his name.
lets see, phonetically he would be a chi waa waa lol

I would love to have a site like this set up. I can tell you now I'd surely use it.

Great great idea!!!


23-04-2007 10:27:56

I would be interested. I have a kitty and so need some things for her!!!


23-04-2007 10:38:49

chihuahua D


23-04-2007 10:47:52

A littermaid? Wow, awesome idea! And breeders? Lots of those out there looking for great deals....and free is about as good as u can get!

Great ideas guys, keep them coming wink

And lol I just call them Taco Bell Dogs or Cha hooey hooeys. lol lol

Thanks, guys. spread the word, so we can get more input, and get Randy going on this site!




23-04-2007 10:56:21

I want a new site! And pets would be perfect, as many traders here need those things....not me personally ) but it would be easy to get refs D and there is always paypal P


23-04-2007 11:14:14

too true condra!

For a custom, I would try for the $700 kitten I want ;)


23-04-2007 11:27:34

We have a new site coming out with our new design! As for this site idea it sounds like we have a lot of people that may be interested! I've heard a lot of ideas so lets put it all together. List what kind of things you'd like as prizes!


23-04-2007 11:47:31

Petsmart or Petco gift certs
Cash of course ;)

there's a TON of pet sites online that you could do gift certs for too )


23-04-2007 11:52:31

Yes I think the idea of a site for pets is a great one I have 3 1/2 cats and 5 kids and really think that it would make a buzz!

I also have another IDEA.....KIDS![/size3743a94c58]

how many of us have children that we like to do things for???
what a better way to show them we love them by doing offers that "KIDS" like!!!

as for a list of possible prizes......

the pet thing seems limited to me as far as prizes go but I had a long weekend.....

the [b3743a94c58]KIDS[/b3743a94c58] thing!! WELL the possibilites are endless there.


23-04-2007 11:55:28

some sites have kids stuff, while i haven't seen any for pets.
so for orginality...

maybe make a ''ados'' site? lol nvm


23-04-2007 12:17:47

[quote79aaba8c53="ASharpEdge"]Yes I think the idea of a site for pets is a great one I have 3 1/2 cats...[/quote79aaba8c53]

shock Yikes..

On another note, yes I think Giftcards for PetSmart, PetCo, and the like, Littermaid, DOG CRATES, fish tank filters, maybe a gift bundle for dogs and one for cats with things like toys, new leashes, collars, treats, etc.., also the PayPal option is always wonderful too. I really like this idea, I'm getting excited about it! wink


23-04-2007 12:19:03

Me too!!! do we get free credits for the input? ;)


23-04-2007 13:10:51

In case you were wondering...

[quotedfb895b8d0]Yes I think the idea of a site for pets is a great one I have 3 1/2 cats[/quotedfb895b8d0]

We have a cat that belonged used to belong to our neighbor. She was always very friendly and would roll on the ground for anyone that would pet her.
Well the cats owners moved about 20 miles away to Wisconsin with the cat. About 3 or 4 week later the cat, named Ashley returned to her home to find new people living there! She tried to move in with them and had no success.. She lived there last winter while the teenagers that lived in the house tormented her. The lady that bought the house was from Poland, she did not speak good english but she did say that she kept the cat in a cage! I do not think cats should be caged and I think Ashley had enough as well. Ashley lived outside all last summer and tried to come to our house but our 3 cats defended the house honorably. This winter Ashley had nowhere to go so I put a cat door in the side wall of my garage. She liked that alot! Within the last couple weeks she has been coming in the house and sleeping on our bed all day on in a while...

so that is why I say I have 3 1/2 cats!

just wanted to clarify that!

yes fish supplies are a great idea as well as bird stuff.
maybe some kind of a zoo thing or a something to do with parks.


23-04-2007 13:24:10

I think this is a fantastic idea!! Ginger would love for me to be able to get some extra things for her!!



25-04-2007 07:50:54

so, what has been decided? D


25-04-2007 09:55:07

I think we might have a winner here! But just to be sure...we need to get more people over here to take a look and give constructive comments...spread the word everyone!

So far I think the most popular prizes might be...

Gift cards (Pet Co, Pet Smart) which can cover all kinds of great gifts.
frontline/heartguard? I hope!!!
gift baskets
spay/neuter/grooming/training (which can be gift cards or custom)
paypal of course
custom orders

And I noticed nobody said anything about the Humane Society...I know there are a lot of generous people out there that abhor animal cruelty, and support HS and all they do already. I am a donator myself. What if we added something like a .05 donation for every referral. This would have to be on Randy's shoulders to do, but still an awesome gesture and tax deductible. Maybe if something was added to the site, which required each person to put in a support ticket for this. Then Randy could let everyone know through the forum, how much was donated each month, and get humanitarian kudos??? D

Keep the ideas coming, and continue spreading the word...Thanks to all of you who have contributed!

Margot wink


25-04-2007 10:29:30

My boyfriend and I are currently in the planning stages of our "Puppy Farm Shelter" when we get a house in the next couple years. We are huge dog lovers, and can't wait until we are in the position to help as many as we possibly can. I would love a donation option to the Humane Society. Even something like .05 would add up and help 'em out! Good call, Margot )


25-04-2007 11:21:38

how about those iDog and iCat things.. great gift for animal lovers )


25-04-2007 11:34:00

I like this idea, although I think my new puppy is already spoiled enough ;)

+Karma Margot!


25-04-2007 12:25:10

I've seen those...the covers for your ipod that looks like a pet? Have them on another site, but they are adorable!

Thanks for the positive feedback on the HS idea.... wink

And speaking of new puppies (Mr Bling6969)...any one know whether that new stain and odor product completely works like they say? TV ad, and don't remember the name of it, but if it works, boy oh boy is that something I could use! Have 1 pup and 2 other little ones that are potty trained "now," but the process was a stinky messy one!!! Now have a carpet that I'm tempted to toss out, and we just had it installed. cry
Carpet shampooing hasn't worked well, but did help.

I'm also real curious about what type of kitten you want tinkerjenn? 700 is a lot to spend! Randy will have his hands full with custom orders for sure lol

Keep spreading the word!


Margot 8)


25-04-2007 12:53:28

NO, I mean the ones you plug your ipod into and the light up and move to the music and they are a speaker )


25-04-2007 16:20:03

Sounds like a lot of interested people! This will defiantly be considered ;)!


25-04-2007 18:02:39

I want a Tonkinese )


27-04-2007 08:31:52

Wonderful idea!
I breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats - plus I've got 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 ducks, 2 turkeys, a rabbit, and more chickens than I can count... So a site devoted to animals would be very welcome! About prizes... hmm... Gift cards, Humane Society donations, animal-oriented magazine subscriptions, horse tack, goodie bags...

Here's another idea - maybe you could try to get affiliate offers that are targeted to animal lovers and pet owners. I'm not sure what would be available, but it would definitely be more interesting and I for one would be much more happy about doing the offers.

And Margot - "Kids 'n' Pets" works great for carpets - you can get it at Walmart.


27-04-2007 09:15:39

Awsome input!

You wouldn't believe just how much we have in common Skepticalcynic!!!

I'll give that product a try...I haven't used it yet, so maybe I'll finally have some luck! lol

Thanks so much for your suggestions....Keep spreading the word guys!

Thanks to All of You

Margot D


27-04-2007 10:22:29

Margot - do you have goats running around eating your rose-bushes, too? lol

I was thinking...
There are a lot of pet-supply and farm-supply websites out there, not to mention hatcheries, etc. Even if they don't already offer affiliate programs, they may be interested in doing so.

Ok - enough from me, I'll let someone else get a word in edgewise - lol


27-04-2007 12:57:51


You have no idea...pretty much born and bred apple/cherry/pear and peach orchard--farm/ranch girl. That's a whole different story...and would be happy to tell you via pm...would be a novel here! lol

You have some really great ideas...there are a lot of mail order hatcheries for farm birds of every type! That could certainly be a custom order. I'd love to get some horse tack myself, and that could be custom as well.

Watering troughs are very expensive, gates, milk stands and so also can be custom.

I'm loving this guys...please keep spreading the word so we can get more input for Randy. wink

Thanks for all you have done so far guys! D

Margot 8)


27-04-2007 17:26:07

can I custom order this?
http//[" alt=""/img49fc763b57]


28-04-2007 11:10:20

[quotedafd75d369="tinkerjenn"]can I custom order this?
http//[" alt=""/imgdafd75d369][/quotedafd75d369]

Haha, I don't want to start being mean and shipping cats in boxes. All prizes would be accessories etc.. ;)


01-05-2007 20:28:50

This is a great idea...between our guinea pig and 2 frogs, we spend [u6aa37dc4cb]lots[/u6aa37dc4cb] at Petsmart (you can't believe how high maintenance these little critters are) and a giftcard there would be a great prize!


02-05-2007 22:13:30

This is an excellent idea but could we include thing for our outside friends such as birds,and squirrels? Besides our dogs we feed out side critters and it cost a bit to keep them in food too.


03-05-2007 17:59:04

This is a very interesting idea. I'll have to put together a list of prizes and announce it here and see what you guys think!