/=-Huge Updates and Plans!-=\ (INSTANT PAYOUTS)

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16-04-2007 23:51:55

[bf2d4c9e5b2]Crazy, HUGE updates and Plans![/sizef2d4c9e5b2][/bf2d4c9e5b2][/colorf2d4c9e5b2]

First of I'd like to start off with announcing, since our launch on December 23rd, we've shipped a total of [bf2d4c9e5b2]$73,049.63[/bf2d4c9e5b2][/colorf2d4c9e5b2]! You guys ROCK! Keep up the good work!

Another awesome announcement is by Saturday or Sunday we should have up a [bf2d4c9e5b2]BRAND NEW[/bf2d4c9e5b2] design across all 9 of our sites! Along with this amazing design we'll be [bf2d4c9e5b2]LAUNCHING ANOTHER SITE[/bf2d4c9e5b2] making us reach a total of 10 sites! ([if2d4c9e5b2]The name will be announced soon![/if2d4c9e5b2])

And of course BEST for last! We are now going to be [bf2d4c9e5b2]PAYING[/colorf2d4c9e5b2] OUT[/colorf2d4c9e5b2] INSTANTLY[/colorf2d4c9e5b2][/bf2d4c9e5b2]! All orders sent in should be shipped out the SAME day! (Max 1-3 business days)

Lets put this all together guys, we've shipped a HUGE amount of prizes and cash, a completely NEW web design, another SITE, AND we'll pay out INSTANTLY! What more can you ask for? Well, behold I have one more announcement! Soon we will have yet ANOTHER AIM representative. This way you'll be able to contact me (Randy), Jessica, or our third AIM REP. If you hit times just wrong and no one is on AIM we GUARANTEE all support tickets answered within 1 day if not within minutes!

[bf2d4c9e5b2]What are you guys waiting for? Check us out at http//www.OrderGiftsFree.com[=http//www.OrderGiftsFree.com]http//www.OrderGiftsFree.com[/bf2d4c9e5b2]

P.S. Don't forget to check out our current Promotion. Over $700 in prizes![/colorf2d4c9e5b2] ~ [bf2d4c9e5b2]Click Here![/bf2d4c9e5b2][=http//www.anything4free.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=92576][bf2d4c9e5b2]Click Here![/bf2d4c9e5b2]


17-04-2007 00:08:08

) Loving it.


22-04-2007 21:02:10

I can certainly attest to the instant payout; sure worked for me!

I like the new design, it's got some pizazz going on.

And last but not at all least, Jessica rocks!

Margot wink


23-04-2007 08:54:29

i am not seeing the new design yet...lol


23-04-2007 11:25:08

Yep, I went to preview what my designer made and I'm having him make a few changes! I'm loving it so I think you all will too!