Curious about credits..

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18-03-2007 19:59:43

Hey there, I was just wondering if there have been any issues with any specific sites. One of my sites people tend to go green on ps3 wii and coke, but on candy and xbox, there have been troubles. is there any reason for this? and are there a lot of offers that just aren't crediting as of late? Just trying to figure out why when I give them specific instructions and all the help I can, and me myself, i can go green, but they still have troubles. any help would be appreciated, thanks!


18-03-2007 20:04:49

I don't know, never had troubles with any site )


18-03-2007 21:10:06

All of the sites connect to the same source so if one site is good then all should be good. Make sure all of your referrals always clear their cookies between each offer and that they use Internet Explorer as their Browser.