Don't forget guys, We allow MULTIPLE orders!

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12-03-2007 15:57:26

That's right, you read the title correct! All users can place as many orders as they like. Once they submit their order they can keep on getting more referrals. You only have to complete an offer the FIRST time you join one of our sites!

Remember starting next week, we pay out every Monday and Thursday! (Orders must be in by Sunday and Wednesday)


14-03-2007 18:11:03

Ohhh I have a question D so if i cash out once, then the second time will i have to use a ref as my offer completion or can i just ... cashout for the total refs i have?


14-03-2007 18:24:59

I believe he mentioned that you only have to complete your offer once


14-03-2007 18:26:20

Yep, just wanted to be 100% sure


14-03-2007 22:12:45

You guys got it! You only have to complete an offer once. After that you're set to cash out as many times as you'd like!


14-03-2007 23:13:56

Damn fo real so does that apply to the other sites i completed then? 8) more sites for me to work on if anything.


15-03-2007 06:18:11

Yep, it applies for all of our sites!


15-03-2007 15:15:06

L<3 ordergiftsfree