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11-03-2007 15:31:06

[b9d3c71ed27]New site and Payout Updates![/b9d3c71ed27][/size9d3c71ed27][/color9d3c71ed27]
After completing many of our site you decide you will go sit on your couch. You have boxes of soda (Coke.OrderGiftsFree.com) and candy (Candy.OrderGiftsFree.com) playing your FREE Xbox 360 (Xbox360.OrderGiftsFree.com). You then realize you need to get active and go work some of this food off. You jump up and run to your closet to find your old sneakers with holes in them.

Now is your chance! Our newest site is [b9d3c71ed27]Shoes.OrderGiftsFree.com[/b9d3c71ed27]! We have a HUGE selection of shoes. Find the ones you'd like and get them free! If we don't have what you're looking for hit us up on AIM or a support ticket and I'll find you your shoes. Don't forget we pay $40 for every referral that is green! If you have 10 referrals you can select the custom order option for $400!!!!


AIM OrderGiftsFree

[u9d3c71ed27][b9d3c71ed27]Opening Promotion![/b9d3c71ed27][/size9d3c71ed27][/u9d3c71ed27]
Since our last promotion for our Candy site was [b9d3c71ed27]EXTREMELY[/b9d3c71ed27] popular with over 100 users participating we are going to be offering the SAME promotion. From now until March 31st if you sign up UNREFERRED and open a support ticket I will give you a [b9d3c71ed27]FREE[/b9d3c71ed27][/color9d3c71ed27] credit!

[u9d3c71ed27][b9d3c71ed27]New Payout Schedule![/b9d3c71ed27][/size9d3c71ed27][/u9d3c71ed27]
Starting after the 15th we are going to be paying out a lot quicker! [b9d3c71ed27]Payouts will be every Monday and Thursday![/b9d3c71ed27][/color9d3c71ed27] Your order must be in by the previous day! (Meaning Sunday or Wednesday at the latest). This will start on the 19th of March as our FIRST FAST PAYOUT!


11-03-2007 15:33:03

yeeee! I need those shoes lol!!
god you really have some cool ideas lol


11-03-2007 16:15:40

I like the jordans too good choice on the shoes.


11-03-2007 16:32:22

Haha, thanks guys I'm taking in any suggestions and will add more prizes later!


11-03-2007 16:38:27

licoughli I think of the greastest ideas licoughlilicoughli


11-03-2007 18:56:19

[quotead93231f4c="jdizzle314"]licoughli I think of the greastest ideas licoughlilicoughli[/quotead93231f4c]

You're only 1 of the users who thought of this one ;)

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

11-07-2007 18:14:58

Is there any non-cc Offers?


11-07-2007 18:30:30

You need some Bathin Apes on there

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

11-07-2007 18:44:00

Ya need some bapes apes an clear af1


11-07-2007 23:10:22

[quoteb11d316415="TryinToGetPaid"]You need some Bathin Apes on there[/quoteb11d316415]
YUCK... lol bapes are played out /..but i still like there clothing just the shoes are blah..


11-07-2007 23:29:40

Haha you can custom order them if you'd like ) I just googled the name and they look pretty good!