Upcoming Payments and Updates!

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09-02-2007 23:33:43

[ibead57af63][bbead57af63]Updates...Features...Sites...New offers![/bbead57af63][/ibead57af63][/sizebead57af63]

We will not be paying out weekly this month. We were not paid for many of the leads that we paid out to last month. Because of this loss we'll have to wait until the 15th to pay out users. (Or until our funds are gone) Expect more random payouts throughout the weeks! If you're going to receive PayPal make sure you open up a support ticket with your PayPal email. Any prizes over $600 require a W-9. View section 2.2.3. in our TOS for more info.

[bbead57af63]Manual Credit![/bbead57af63][/sizebead57af63]
All manual credits are in processing. We are doing our best to get our publishers to speed it up! They can take as long as 1 month to credit. Make sure when you send in a manual credit you always include full headers.

Looking for any specific features? Post here with ideas! If we don't have a prize you're looking for you can select custom order. You can get ANY item at ANY price. We do not have a $600 max. If we don't have the item you want we'll look into adding a new site specialized just for your item! We want to please everyone to the fullest extent. You can contact us on AIM at OrderGiftsFree.

Keep your eyes out for some future sites! (Hint Plasmas, Cameras, and other sorts of foods ;)!)

[ubead57af63][bbead57af63]N[/colorbead57af63]e[/colorbead57af63]w[/colorbead57af63] O[/colorbead57af63]f[/colorbead57af63]f[/colorbead57af63]e[/colorbead57af63]r[/colorbead57af63]s[/colorbead57af63][/bbead57af63][/sizebead57af63][/ubead57af63]
[bbead57af63]How to Make Money on eBay[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Half Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$1.95[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Hoodia Star[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Half Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$1.00[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Mens Health Trainer[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Half Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$0.00![/ibead57af63] (Read Description)
[bbead57af63]My Smile Pro[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Half Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$4.97[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Grant Mentor[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Half Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$4.97[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Grant Search Assistant[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Half Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$4.97[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Grants Made Easy[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Third Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$1.97[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Cosmetique[/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Third Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$1.00[/ibead57af63]
[bbead57af63]Get Rich Working at Home with Google![/bbead57af63] - [ubead57af63]Third Credit[/ubead57af63] - Cost is [ibead57af63]$1.97[/ibead57af63]

[ibead57af63][bbead57af63]Hints and Tips[/bbead57af63][/ibead57af63][/colorbead57af63][/sizebead57af63] - [ibead57af63][ubead57af63]Making sure you get your credit![/ubead57af63][/ibead57af63]
There are a couple things that I always recommend to my users.
1. [bbead57af63]ALWAYS use Internet Explorer when completing an offer.[/bbead57af63] Most of the companies designed their crediting systems with Internet Explorer.
2. Before you complete an offer [bbead57af63]Clear your cookies[/bbead57af63]! This will erase any thing that may cause the offer to not credit. Clear them before every offer you do.
3. Once you have clicked the offer [bbead57af63]Don't click any links except the sign up link[/bbead57af63]. If you'd like to view other information before completing the offer you can do so just make sure you exit the page and re click the offer on our site.
4. Make sure you always let every page load. Most offers credit once a very tiny small image shows up. If you exit before the image gets to show up you won't get credit!

We have sorted all of our offers into categories! There are 1/1 Offers, 1/2, Offers, 1/3 Offers, 1/4 Offers, 1/5 Offers, and 2/3 Offers! Now all you have to do is check the box next to the offer amounts you'd like. It's fast quick and easy to find the offer amounts you'd like to see!

[bbead57af63]New No Credit Card Offers[/bbead57af63][/sizebead57af63]
Over 15 No Credit Card offers have been added! All of the new offers range from Full Credits to 1/5th credits. Many of them are available to the UK and Canada. Also many don't require too much personal information!


10-02-2007 15:29:56

D yes! thx for the update