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01-02-2007 22:59:45

[bcf772d5aca]I am happy to announce the newest addition to our site! http//coke.ordergiftsfree.com/ [/bcf772d5aca][/sizecf772d5aca]

Our Coca-Cola site is finally ready for everyone to register! (If you find any errors or anything funky, catch me on AIM or a support ticket asap ;)! ) Recently in one of my earlier posts I ran a poll to find A4F's favorite soda! ( http//www.anything4free.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=80048 ) [bcf772d5aca]After 50 votes the winning soda was Coca-Cola[/bcf772d5aca][/colorcf772d5aca]! I debated if I should limit the site to just Coke products. After some thought I realized that the demand was for many different sodas and not just coke! We have MANY prizes. Many are different types of Cokes. Others are just random favorites from the A4F users!

[icf772d5aca][bcf772d5aca]Opening Promotion[/bcf772d5aca][/icf772d5aca][/sizecf772d5aca]
Of course every new site must come with a promotion. The first 5 users to cash out on our Coke site will receive an additional 24 cans of soda! Hurry now, it won't be long until all 5 are taken ;)!


This is the first and only site that is giving out [bcf772d5aca]FREE SODA![/bcf772d5aca][/colorcf772d5aca] How can anyone pass this up... Now all I need to do is add a Mini Fridge as a prize ;) Enjoy and I wish everyone the best fun and excitement ever!

unknown uchiha

01-02-2007 23:21:57

So do you offer Bawls?


01-02-2007 23:37:43

Any soda that isn't a prize you can custom order! Prices may vary so you'll have to contact me on how many bottles you'll get!