Site down?

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18-01-2007 15:58:46

Just getting ready to check statuses on my ref's and submit for approval, and the site isn't working?


18-01-2007 16:26:10

Hey, it's back up! I had to update the script and fix a few glitches! It was only supposed to take 2-3 minutes, but all heck broke lose and I accidentally deleted a few files... Don't worry nothings lost and everything is back! If I had known it'd take around an hour I would have left notice ;)!


18-01-2007 17:50:36

Thanks! I noticed it's back up now....


19-01-2007 06:42:44



17-02-2007 07:31:35

Hey the site is down again? Says cant connect to database?


17-02-2007 10:02:57

Last night the Candy site was down for a little, but everything should be back and running!