Payouts! (READ)

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15-01-2007 23:47:04

Alright as many of you have noticed some of you have not been paid. Only 1 of my 3 affiliates have paid me. Today's a holiday in the US so my other two affiliates will pay me tomorrow. About half of you have been paid. Don't worry guys I'll get to you asap tomorrow when I get my payments! Sorry for being late!


16-01-2007 12:02:47

I was paid today, posting in brag bag soon =P Thanks man.


16-01-2007 19:28:09


Everyone should be paid now! I have an Xbox 360 to ship and a Nintendo Wii to find! Also I have a couple users who didn't give me their paypals. (Open support tickets asap) Other than that everyone should be paid! Any problems get to me on aim at OrderGiftsFree


18-02-2007 11:12:42

how often do you payout? and how long do you take to approve accounts.


19-02-2007 20:48:21

We approve within 1-2 business days! We were going to payout weekly, but we ran into some trouble and are missing a lot of money. Therefore for now payouts will be on the 15th!