crediting problems?

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05-05-2007 02:10:48

I have had 3-4 people through 2 of your sites that would credit for one offer but not the other one or not credit at all. They put in missing credit requests but haven't heard anything back yet. I have been waiting forever to finish the ipodshuffle site because I am waiting on one person. Is the crediting not very good on this site? Please help!!


05-05-2007 13:54:04

What is your referral ID ?


05-05-2007 15:55:48


06-05-2007 05:40:54

No site has [b37edffda12]Perfect Crediting[/b37edffda12]. No matter what site you do, it is likely that sometime or the other you and/or your referrals will have to wait for manual credit.

The difference it makes here is How Long to wait ?

We are using some of the best affiliate networks out there. Not only, for the best crediting but also for unique offers. Many of these offers have been tested before they were put. They were tested by many users.

We're getting manual credits as fast as possible (It has happened many times we have got it within 10 Minutes), [b37edffda12]Yes[/b37edffda12], 10 Minutes .

All we need is users to give proper information. We get a lot of support tickets like 'Hey, I did an offer 3 days back and didn't get credit' . An example of such a case is in the WhyPayItsFree Forum here. With that kind of a support ticket, it's just not possible to do anything.

[b37edffda12]At the moment, there are no system wide crediting issues.

Your Referral's Status [/b37edffda12]

Money Site -> The referral Charles_nelson58 has 82% Credit and we have no open support tickets from this user, so I am assuming they haven't done any more offers.

iPod Shuffle Site -> The referral rmills has 27% Credit and the user has not submitted any support tickets about credits, so I am assuming they haven't done any more offers.

The referral cowgurlintn1969 has 36% Credit and has 2 requests pending. We also did inform them about when to expect a reply.

If any of the referrals, apart from cowgurlintn1969, has done offers and submitted support tickets with full information and not got credit yet, please PM Me the details so I can check it.


06-05-2007 10:13:40

i know that one of my refs submitted a manual and it got credited in 2 days D pretty well i should say