ref problem

Live forum:


12-03-2007 13:15:51

so....i refer my las ref to the site, but they never get under me (...althou they say they saw my name or ref # when they signed up

so...can you please add them?

and my email=

thank you


12-03-2007 13:17:33

Please have them submit a support ticket with your ID and we'll make the changes.

Also, please use support tickets for such problems.


12-03-2007 13:18:31

he's doing that at the instant, i already did so )


12-03-2007 14:09:06

just wanted to say that all is ok, he's under me now
thank you D


12-03-2007 14:11:08

You're welcome.

He did one offer and got credit for that.