WhyPayItsFree Sites are Down for about 48 Hours

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16-02-2007 13:16:06

Our sites will be down for about 48 hours. This is because we are changing affiliates.


16-02-2007 20:28:55

K, thanks for the update.


17-02-2007 23:42:37

I hope this leads to offers crediting. I'm in the process of completing three sites and I have several (5-6 of my referrals) who have not received credit after doing "instant" offers.

I'm very disappointed with this network, but I'll give it another shot to redeem itself.


18-02-2007 20:55:48


It's been nearly 4 days and it's still down. (


19-02-2007 10:54:37

Ya know ...

It SURE would be nice if the site administrators would take a bit of time to stop by here with some "updates" every now and then.

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)


19-02-2007 11:36:09

Sorry for the delay.

Sites are working now.


19-02-2007 11:42:53

[quote197f581444="WhyPayItsFree"]Sorry for the delay.

Sites are working now.[/quote197f581444]

nope, the videoipod one is still down...
actually they are all still down...


19-02-2007 11:46:21

Please try again.


19-02-2007 11:50:35

ok now its working, but 3 of my 7 refs 100% and it says 7 refs, 0 completed... ?


19-02-2007 11:55:24

Thanks for informing us about that bug.

We are still working on the code and that is the reason why it is happening. It should be fixed soon.